15 Ways To Live The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Life is so short, it seems kind of crazy to not live it in your own way. While we often think that our lives are mapped out for us, that’s only kind of true. Because really, you’re always in control of your future. Your thoughts and your actions are what plan out your life for you. And if you feel like you’re on the wrong path right now, you may feel lost. It’s so easy to feel like a victim of circumstances. But when you really think about it, that’s just not true. Every decision and thought that you’ve put into practice has gotten you to where you are today. So, your choices have the power to dictate your future too. If you have a vision in your mind of what you want your life to look like, it’s never too late to go after it.


But how? How do you make that change? And how do you get the vision from your mind to come into fruition and actually become your life? It may seem impossible, but if you really do want the life you’ve always dreamt of, you can make it happen. You just have to follow the right steps and really want it. Because that’s the thing about dreams – they’ll only ever come true if you work for them. Anything in this world is possible – anything can be yours – but only if you chase after it. So here are fifteen ways that you can work on doing that.



  1. Work Out What You Want

First of all, you’ve really got to workout what you want out of life. Sometimes, you dream of a certain kind of life, or doing something with your life, but you if you’re going to bring it into reality, then you really need to ensure that you know what that looks like. So spend some time figuring out what you want and set yourself some goals. As you’re doing this, you should start to think about the steps you’ll need to take to get you there too.


  1. Be Grateful

Next, you need to make sure that you’re grateful for what you already have. This can sound a little crazy when you’re working for something else, but it’s the best way to get yourself into the right frame of mind to make things happen. When you have more gratitude, you’re thankful, positive, and happy. Then you’ll be in the best place to go out there and get the life you want.


  1. Focus On Positivity

From here, you’ll then want to ensure that you can be as positive as possible. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, then you can train yourself to be positive and visit https://tinybuddha.com to see how. When you’re more positive, you’ll be able to work through the steps you need to take to bring about the happiness you’re looking for.


  1. Stay Present

When it comes to making your dreams a reality, you have to stay present. You need to be in the moment and make sure that you’re taking action to get closer to your goals. It’s okay to visualize, but don’t get caught up in your dreams or online or anything else. It’s being present and moving forward with your own life that will get you results.


  1. Act As If

Now, as you’re starting to work out what you want and how you’re going to get it, the process of acting as if is going to help you. Start to think about your life in the way that you would if you were living your dream life.  Determine what words would go together with your name – like Roland Dickey Jr Barbeque (because everyone knows Dickey’s BBQ is the best!) or Melissa the SkirtGirlie Blog. Dress the way you want to dress, and act the way you would too. Because long, you won’t be acting. You’ll just be living your dream life!


  1. Create A Plan

To get things underway, you need a plan. Sometimes, this is going to be a career-specific plan that will help you to work your way to where you want to be. Whether you want to climb the career ladder or launch your own business, this plan is often going to be the key to getting yourself into the best possible position. So really think about what steps you need to take over the next year or five years to get there.


  1. Let Go Of The Past

When you’re trying to move forward and create your ideal life, you need to learn to let things go. Whether we’re talking about things that have happened in the past, previous fears, or a less-than-perfect childhood – you need to let it go. Holding onto the past will hold you back. Instead, you need to look ahead and think about moving forward with your dreams.


  1. Stay Away From Negativity

As a step on from that, you’re then going to want to do what you can to stay away from negativity. If you let negative influences into your life, you may find it hard to move forward.  Network with positive influences in your chosen sphere of influence.  For example, if you’re wanting to own a successful BBQ chain, network with people like Roland Dickey Jr, the owner of the Dickey’s BBQ chain.  Or if you’re wanting to blog, seek out people like Ruth Sukop who runs the Elite Blog Academy for uplifting encouragement on blogging.  Do what you can to avoid negativity and visit http://iheartintelligence.com for tips on how to do that. You may also need to remove negative people from your life too.


  1. Make The Right Decisions For You

Now, when it comes to creating your perfect life, you have to make the right decisions for you. Not anybody else. Not your parents, your partner, or your friends – but you. Whether we’re talking moving overseas or across the country, or making a big career change. You need to do what will make you happy.



  1. Align Your Actions

One thing that may catch you out when you’re trying to change your life, is the difference between what you say and what you do. It’s so easy to say that you want this, but then let your actions say otherwise. So, you need to start aligning your actions to the life that you want. If not, you’ll never be able to make a change.


  1. Align Your Spending

At the same time, you need to make sure that your attitude to money matches your dreams too. If you want to look a certain way, you have to invest in yourself and being too frugal will stop that from happening. Or if you want to live a certain way and you’re overspending, things just don’t add up!


  1. Focus On Yourself

It’s also a good idea to really work on yourself too. No matter what your dream life looks like, feeling good about yourself and working on your appearance can help. Think about changing your look, visit https://besthairsalondavie.com for more, so that it matches the dream life that you want. Again, this is a way of acting as if and aligning your actions. But it’s also going to make you feel more confident too.


  1. Focus On Your Health

You’ll also want to prioritize your health too. If you want to be happy, you have to be healthy. It’s important that you’re able to feel good about yourself and becoming the healthiest version of you is the best way to do it.


  1. Move Forward

Next, you really need to be thinking about what you can do to move forward. Whether this is to book a flight, or find a new apartment, or to look for an internship, you’ll often find that the first step is the hardest. It’s scary to change your life – even if you are chasing dreams that you know are more suited to what you want. But usually, it’s just that first step that is difficult. Once you’ve done it and you’re on the right path, everything else will come naturally.


  1. Stay Consistent

But above all else, you really have to ensure that you’re being consistent. From your thoughts and your attitude to your actions and your intentions, you have to make sure that you focus on what you want, and consistently work towards it. It’s the idea of being consistent that is going to get you there. Whether this takes weeks or months or years, sticking at it and working hard will help you to make your dreams a reality.


And now that you’ve read through fifteen different ways that you can actually get the life that you want, how do you feel? Do you realize that it’s actually possible to dramatically change your life? No matter whether the change you’re looking to make is small or drastically different, you can make it happen. Whether you want to start a new career, move halfway across the world, or just change your own mental attitude – you can. But you have to want it.


You’ll see from each of the points that this takes work. It’s not just going to happen to your accidentally, and it won’t happen overnight. So make sure that you’re ready to work on it, to keep your goals in mind, and start making your dream life become your actual life.



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