All Natural Ways to Live Pain-Free

Dealing with chronic pain or pain as a symptom of an underlying illness can be debilitating and exhausting. Many of us seek out ways to alleviate our pain while still living as naturally and healthy as possible, as we know that often health, wellness and nutrition go hand in hand with managing our stress (which ties directly into our immune system) and our overall wellbeing. 

For many of us, over the counter pain medications aren’t very effective when it comes to treating our chronic pain, anyway, which is another reason why so many look for supplements and all natural remedies to help manage pain symptoms. There are many options out there to try for those who are looking for natural, healthful treatments that are safe and effective. Companies like Caduceus Science have formulated products that treat pain of all types (including joint pain, inflammation and the pain associated with it, muscle aches and more), as well as treating stress, anxiety, depression and so much more. All natural products in the form of supplements, tinctures, and other easy to use products can really make such a huge difference in your quality of life. 

Other all natural ways to help alleviate pain and feel more calm are teas, vitamins and even foods that contain the vitamins and minerals that help alleviate your symptoms. Making sure to eat a diet that has a lot of healthy, organic ingredients, avoiding as much salt, sugar and inflammation-causing sodium as you can is also a huge step in the right direction. And as always: drink as much water as you can. Staying hydrated is key. 

It sounds trite, but taking the time to listen to your body really helps. Knowing your pain triggers – what types of foods, situations and even weather triggers your pain – can go a long way to helping you live with your pain and even avoid it in some cases. If you feel something coming on, taking your supplement ahead of time or doing some gentle stretches or exercises to help ease your body can really help. In general, taking up gentle exercise such as yoga or pilates can help keep your body in overall better condition, making pain management easier. 

If you can afford to and have the time, going for regular massage appointments is also a good way to manage your pain. Over time, your massage therapist will get to know your specific areas of pain and learn your triggers and they can help you exponentially in managing your condition. 

When you combine all of these factors – drinking lots of water, eating healthfully, taking a supplement or all-natural pain remedy when things get bad, being mindful of triggers, gentle exercise/conditioning, and seeing a massage therapist – you will find that managing your chronic pain is much easier. All these little steps can make a big difference when combined, really making a difference in your life. And best of all, most of them will cost you very little time or money.