Shift The Lockdown Pounds In 3 Simple Steps

Since the emergence of coronavirus, people have naturally gravitated towards more comforting and calorific foods to ease their anxieties. If you are finding that your evening snacking is becoming a little too much or you are eating larger portions than ever before, it might be time to nip the Covid-19 diet in the bud. You don’t want to emerge from this pandemic unhealthy and unhappy. Instead, it’s time to consider how you can shift the lockdown pounds without hitting the gym or having the camaraderie of pals to see you through. Take a look at these three strategies that you can employ to help you lose weight safely.


While you won’t want to be fasting for the rest of your days, using a fasting technique to kick start any weight loss plan that you are considering is worthwhile. Head to a site like led by Kristen Blake. She details how you can lose five to ten pounds of fat over the course of five days without losing any muscle. This weight loss can then be the catalyst for further weight loss as you transition to a more manageable way of eating. Fasting should be done responsibly, and does not mean starving yourself. You can fast with juices and shakes, to not just shift a few pounds, but also to reinvigorate your body. Your skin can look brighter, you will feel more alert and you can begin your newer and more nutritious way of eating from a very positive starting point.

Foods To Avoid

While the sugary snacks, the candy bars and the fat-laden dinners were lovely for a little while, they can soon begin to make you feel lethargic, bloated and groggy. You need to say goodbye to this style of eating and welcome in a whole new cupboardful of ingredients like those mentioned at Shun the pasta in favor of rice. Scrap the bread and load up more on salad. If you are a sweet treat fiend, go for healthier sweet alternatives such a fruit, berries and raisins. It can be tough when beginning a new way of eating as you may crave what you are leaving behind. Try to get through the first seventy two hours and you will find that your cravings will pass. You will enjoy eating more nutritious food without the calorie counting that will keep you feeling full for longer.


Being in a lockdown situation has meant that you are sedentary for longer throughout the day. You need to pick up your activity levels and head outdoors. The outside is great for refreshing your mindset and getting you out of a rut. Being around greenery and nature is scientifically proven to lift your mood and make you feel more positive. You can venture to the park for a jog, go on a bike ride or simply stroll around your neighborhood. Lifting your spirits will allow you to feel more optimistically towards your new way of eating, and will help you to stick to your weight loss plans. You can rediscover your mojo as you step onto the scale and see the weight drop off.

The pandemic has meant life has changed for all. Take control and shift the lockdown pounds to feel happier and more content.