Five Signs You Need to Look at Your Finances In the New Year

We all love seeing clearly about our finances, and try to balance our income with expenses. If you are self employed, you might need to create your financial reports for the new year, but if not, you can do the same on the personal level. We often need to take a step back to notice when things don’t go in the right direction, and this way we can make sure that we can afford little luxuries without breaking the bank. Find out more below  about the signs of needing a financial review.



You Have No Savings

Having no savings at all is a dangerous situation. You can face financial disasters and difficulties any day, and money problems always hit you at the worst time. You might find that your furnace gave up after you spent out for Christmas, and this means you need to get a loan. If you had savings, you could get the issue sorted fast, without having to pay interest or ruining your credit rating.


You Spend Too Much on Going Out

If you find that you can’t afford your next vacation, but you can go out twice a week, you need to start setting your priorities right. Make sure that you create a separate  budget for each larger expense, such as vacations, starting school, winter clothes shopping, before you think about a night in the city. You can hold parties at home instead, asking people to contribute, having more money left over for the things you really want.


You Spend More than You Make

This is one of the most dangerous games people play, and it never ends well. You need to keep a strict budget before your finances spiral out of control. To maintain your lifestyle, you will eventually need to take on credit, and this is not a good choice. Building up debt to pay for everyday expenses is not a good idea. You should start looking at your budget and cut back your spending, before you would apply for credit.  



Your Income Fell in the Last Year

If you are on a lower salary than in the last year, or your hours have been reduced, it is time to look at your finances and look for another job. Chances are your rent and housing costs have not gone down, so you will have to either reduce your living costs, or increase your income. Simply saying that you will survive and cut back on spending will not solve the problem long term.


Your Expenses are Increasing

If your housing costs are going up, or you need to pay more for childcare this year, you will need to look for budgeting options. While personal loans for bad credit can take you through the transition period, you will have to look for long term solutions. Try to shop around for cheaper services, get rid of unnecessary subscriptions, or simply downsize. It is a better solution than getting into long term debt.


Whenever you find yourself short of money, you need to take a step back and create a plan to increase your income or reduce your outgoings.


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