Nine Tips for Looking Your Best In Your Bikini

In case you have already booked your summer vacation, you might be already browsing the internet for bikinis and beachwear that will help you look your best while enjoying some sunshine. Some of us will worry about all that extra weight and go on a diet, while others will go to the gym more often to shape up for the summer holidays. The good news is that you will have a few months to get your body to look its best, and plan your holiday wardrobe that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Find a few tips below.



Find the Right Model and Size

Sometimes you might have a low confidence because you don’t look like you imagined in a certain bikini. The good news is that there are several models to suit every shape and size, you just have to find them. Even bikini models don’t look equally good in every color and style, so you need to cut yourself some slack. It is best not to order your bikini on the internet, as you cannot try it on before you buy. If you need a larger or smaller size of certain brands, you can find out in the shop, instead of going through the frustration of sending the item back.


Emphasize Your Best Features

Whether you are proud of your waistline, your neck, or your legs, there is a bikini out there that will help you emphasize it. If you feel like you would feel more comfortable wearing any swimwear after you have had an Allure Plastic Surgery assessment, consult with a professional. However, there are plenty of ways of hiding what you don’t want others to notice and drawing the eyes to what you feel good about, even if all you’re wearing is a bikini.


Abs Training

When you wear a bikini, your middle area is more exposed than any other time. If you would like to work on your abs, you can find a training that will work in just a few minutes a day, and create the results. It is important that you don’t do the same exercise and focus on your side abs, as well as the middle. If you feel like your digestive system is sluggish, and you are bloated most of the time, you could try yoga combined with some cardio to improve your metabolism and speed up the weight loss. Protecting your lower back when doing sit-ups is important, so you might need to talk to a personal trainer about your plans.



HIIT works great for losing weight and toning, as it improves your muscle mass and your metabolism at the same time. By exhausting your muscles and targeting the right areas, you can see more benefits faster. Whether you do your exercise at home, or in the fitness center, you will need to make sure that you are building strength gradually. HIIT is great for improving your mood, and can get you in shape in just a few weeks. To reduce the pain that follows this type of training, you might go for long walks or hikes during the weekend, so you can carry on with your workout during the week.




Yoga has a bad rep for weight loss and toning up, and you probably imagine people sitting on the floor and meditating when people mention yoga. The good news is that Vinyasa yoga can be combined with HIIT and give you double the benefits of a regular exercise. If you play your cards right, you can improve your balance, posture, digestion, and your looks by multitasking. If you prefer moving around and focusing on different muscle areas, yoga is a great solution.


Gradual Tanning

If you have been neglecting workouts, sports, or general exercise for a while, you’ll need to be patient. You can’t do the same reps as someone who’s been training for the past year three times a week. Talk to a fitness instructor and explore your limits, so you can avoid injuries and pain after workout. At the same time, it is important that you support your body in building extra muscle. Get professional advice, and take regular supplements if necessary.


Diet for a Few Weeks

In case you need more than toning up to get the perfect bikini body, you’ll need to detox your digestive system, instead of just starving yourself. There are great diets out there focusing on reducing the processed carb intake. In case you can live without cakes and biscuits for a few weeks, you might go for a paleo diet or only eat raw food. You’ll notice the difference, and feel lighter, happier, and more satisfied with the results. Try not to increase your calorie intake, even if you think it’s justified by the extra exercise you’re doing.



Set Bikini Goals

Instead of focusing on numbers, create goals that are related to what you want to achieve. If you are confident that losing a few pounds will make you look perfect in your new bikini, make that investment. This will motivate you to carry on with the lifestyle changes you have implemented to look your best during your summer vacation. Do your own dress rehearsal ceremony every week, so you can see the progress. Instead of stepping on the scales or measuring your hip and waist, you should check the results trying your new bikini on.



If you’re still not happy with your looks after going on a diet, choosing the right size, and toning up, there’s nothing else left but accessorize. You can get smart skirts that go over your bikinis, or might learn to tie a scarf around you when walking on the beach, so you can cover up your imperfections and feel better in your skin.


We all want to look our best on the family holiday. If you choose the right bikini, colors, size, and accessories, you can focus on your best features and hide your imperfections. Get started today and make a plan to fit in your perfect two-piece and make other women on the beach jealous.


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