Losing Money Just Trying to Live? Try These Changes

One of the worst things about being an adult and independent is that the food and money don’t seem to last as long as they used to. It can be a right pain, looking in the fridge after planning your dinner for the evening and finding that everything expired while you were sleeping.


And when it comes to things like bills and payments, the cost can come as even more of a shock when you open the envelopes and find that you have somehow spent an astronomical amount on your energy bills. ‘There must be a better way’, you cry. Well, thankfully, there is.  




Adopting green energy is all the rage now. People are installing smart meters in their homes, autonomous cars are being trialled for commercial sale, and renewable energy is becoming further in demand.


You can find out more about the benefits of switching your energy plan to a more sustainable system and start saving your bank account, as well as the planet. The advancements in technology have allowed these systems to be much, much more than mere heating. Users can also control their temperature from anywhere in the house and set specific levels for any time of day.



Another method of saving cash on the essentials is to look towards ways of growing your own produce. This can be done by purchasing (or utilising) a greenhouse that will provide safe storage for flora throughout the year.


Use online forums to find advice on proper growing and care, and once you have the hang of it, you can start using this produce for your own meals. Furthermore, any excess, or merely fruit and veg that some of your family dislike, can be sold at local markets to bring in some extra cash on the side.



Finally, many people will have an idea in their heads about what they want to eat during the week and on most days will be able to achieve this. However, we have all been there when we just don’t feel like making our lunch in the morning and get that itching crave to eat out on our lunch hour.


But this kind of habit can have a ruinous effect on your bank account. Fast food and fancy coffee may not seem like much at the time, but these purchases add up, and when you see it all collected together, it might give you thought to change your habits. Instead of treating yourself every day, have a coffee at home. Instead of gorging on fast food when you can’t be bothered to make lunch, prepare everything at the beginning of the week. Your wallet will thank you.




While these methods will not change your financial issues overnight, they will start you off on a course to have more money at the end of each month and give you the chance to save or spend on what you really want to.


No one likes living paycheck to paycheck, but this won’t change unless you make an effort to do so. Do your research, compare markets, and learn about what you need to do, and you shouldn’t have an issue.


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