5 Ways to Make Your Contemporary Interiors Sleeker with the LC2 Chair

The clean and minimalistic designs of the modern contemporary style are truly a trendsetting phenomenon. Even though it’s been more than half a century since radical modernism blew us all away, we still like to incorporate many of its elements in our current home interiors, which is why Le Corbusier’s LC2 chair is the perfect pick for such ambiances. It’s plush without being overly rustic or homely, and has a very charismatic appeal. Here are 5 ways you can make your contemporary home interior designs sleeker with this chair:

  1. When white calls on white



The popular trend of all-white interior designs makes every home feel like it’s straight out of a picturesque magazine spread. It’s very austere and stark, which is why you have to introduce a comfy element in such spaces without breaking the context of the ambiance. As you can see in this image, the understated yet plush aesthetic of the LC2 chair is perfect for furnishing these with. It’s white and chrome material scheme complements the overall atmosphere nicely, and makes the whole white-on-white style truly stand out.


  1. When you’ve got to accent



Modern contemporary home interiors are all about emulating that high-contrast, and achromatic color schemes are one of the best ways to do that. The generic black upholstery of the LC2 chair may seem like a total buzz-kill to some, but it’s an excellent way to contrast the clean, sophisticated outlook of a modern home. Just look at the pair of these chairs set up nicely in this image. They complement the rough texture of the area rug while juxtaposing the whiteness of the backdrop really well.


  1. For an elegant living room



It’s really hard to find relevant furniture pieces in the right style for modern contemporary living rooms. Matching the right stature and sleekness with the understated beauty of the modern backdrop is pretty challenging. But the living room set up with the gorgeous LC2 chair and sofa set in this image perfectly fits in the stereotype of ‘modern appeal’ while delivering a charismatic aura and chic sophistication within the space.


  1. To your minimal heart



If you like the concept of modern contemporary, then you’ll definitely appreciate the subtleties of going minimal. That is exactly what the overall style of the LC2 chair entails, and this is why it’s perfectly suited for an interior design that features this theme. The plushness of its upholstery and stature features clean lines, which is a great way to contrast the backdrop of a minimalist space. The living room in this image is an excellent example.


  1. For everyone with a corporate mind



The compact and chic design of the LC2 chair has zero frou-frou accoutrements – it’s very to the point and simple. This is one of the reasons why it’s suited for homes that emulate a corporate ambiance. The bold presence of this chair brings out best in the ambiance of this interior design featured in this image – plain but impactful.


So these are some of the ways you can use the LC2 chair to make your modern contemporary interiors more stylish, appealing, and visually versatile.