Tips To Make Money From Home As A Single Parent


Being a single parent is a full-time job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay a full-time paycheck. We live a time that families battle with two-incomes never mind only one. 


Having one-income makes it more difficult than necessary to earn enough money to pay for things that are needed, let alone grow savings. The good news is, there are ways to earn money while being a stay-at-home parent. These opportunities allow you to make some cash without sacrificing your time with the kids.


Keep in mind that working from home requires a lot of self-discipline and organization. There will be a few bumps on the way while figuring out what works best for you. However, with enough effort, all the hard work will be worth it. 


You may be wondering what opportunities are out there. Well, I have put together some tips together for you on how to make money from home as a single parent.


Become A Virtual Assistant

This is one of the best jobs out there for parents who want to work during school hours. It requires you to help out others with their business needs while in the comfort of your own home.


Most working hours are during the day or late at night when the little ones are sleeping. You could even work while the kids are at school. This way there are no distractions of children wanting after school snacks or needing help with homework.


There’s never been a better time than now to learn how to work from home as a virtual assistant as we live in an era where technology is continuing to improve. The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that requires a large variety of skills. This means you there are plenty of different things people may need help with.


Opportunities can differ from such as email management and creating business cards for them. Basically, anything that is taking too much of their time can be passed onto you. You could earn about $15 per hour as a virtual assistant. 


Exchange Items For Cash

Do you have things laying around your house which are serving no purpose? Chances are your answer is yes. You could get rid of those things and make some money off it while you at it. 


While your kids are at their friends’ house, take a look around your house and decide what can be sold. I suggest you organize the items that are serving no use to you by what are for kitchen use and so on. 


Organizing the items can make things easier for you when trying to sell them. You could advertise your things by word out mouth and uploading pictures of them to sites such as eBay or Gumtree.


I know single parents who make bank with this tip! I made a few hundred from selling some of my kids’ old toys which they are no longer interested in. Of course, the rate will vary depending on the item being sold and the quality it is in.


Get Paid While Voicing Your Opinion

Have you ever had a survey pop up while you are browsing the internet? Most people, including myself, ignore it and simply close the tab. What you don’t realize is the amount of money you are missing out on with each skipped survey. 


Here are two sites that pay people to complete surveys:

Swagbucks – There is no limit to the amount of Swagbucks you can earn. You can also redeem gift cards instead of cash.

Toluna – They are one of the biggest panels with daily online surveys.  You will be paid with either cash or vouchers.


Make Cash Off That Empty Room

If you have an extra room in your home at the back of your house which is not used why not rent it and make some cash while you are at it. By listing your space on Airbnb you can set the price, availability, and reservation requirements such as no pets allowed for your guests. 


The great thing about renting out a room in your home is you are in control! You can set custom prices to earn more during popular travel seasons. You can also review each potential guest’s profiles. 


The reviews they’ve received in the past can also be viewed. This will help you decide whether or not you’re comfortable accepting a booking. 


Get Paid For Your Friendship

Whoever said money can’t buy friendship has never been more wrong. No this is not a joke. By signing up on Rent A Friend, you are offering your friendship in exchange for $10 – $50 per hour. 


Of course, you will need to meet the requirements of what the customer expects from your friendship. This means doing certain activities with them such as going to watch a movie at the cinema. 


The pricing rate is set by yourself. You will also make it clear on your profile on what types of activities you’re available for. This may sound weird but not to worry the website clearly states that it’s not a dating site, but a service offering companionship. 


So this isn’t something you can really do from home unless what you’re offering is home-based but it is still a pretty easy way to make some cash. There are also some people who just want a cyber friend. It is more common than you’d think.


You could earn over $2000 during a week if you’re at it full time. If you work on weekends only, you could earn $500. Not bad at all if you ask me!