How Do You Make a Muslin Baby Blanket

Having a newborn is one of the greatest gifts a parent could ever have. Most new mothers have a lot of things they learn about their babies. For some, they encounter lots of adventures in trying to put their babies to sleep.

This is where baby swaddle solutions come into the picture. What is swaddling? What should you use to waddle your baby? Does this help the baby sleep?

As your baby grows, you also grow with them. The great thing about this is you also become experienced along the way. Check out the best ways to swaddle your baby in this article.

Making Sure Your Baby Gets the Best Swaddle

One of the most recommended types of swaddling blankets is the muslin blanket. What are these blankets made of? They are actually not from muslin but from cotton that’s stretchy and lightweight. After washing this fabric a couple of times, it becomes smooth.

So how can you have the best swaddling blanket? It’s all about choosing the right cotton. You have 4 choices to pick from:

  • Mint Double Gauze
  • Navy Cotton Gauze
  • Blush Pink Gauze
  • White Cotton Gauze

Buying Your Materials

In case you don’t know where to but the gauze fabric, the fabric store is the best option. Many stores can sell gauze but most have them in single layers. This is okay but it will not give you the same effect as the double gauze ones.

There are also online stores that can help supply you with gauze. The amount of fabric you buy will also depend on how many blankets you plan on making. You have to make sure you don’t buy lesser than what you need.

How to Start Making Your Swaddle Blanket

Prepare 2 1/2 yards of the 52″ cotton fabric you have chosen. This measurement can make 2 swaddle blankets. This is a good deal since you can have an extra when you’re washing the other one.

  1. Start by cutting out the fabric and pressing each edge to get rid of raw edges
  2. Sew the hem so the fabric looks neat
  3. Make sure to check the corners to see if there are still any unsewn edges

Taking Care of Your Swaddling Blanket

When using the blanket all the time, you also need to make sure that it stays clean. You don’t want your baby to experience any rashes. The fabric you use for the swaddle blanket is flexible which can make it crinkly after washing. This is why some wouldn’t wash the blankets before the first use.

Some blankets shrink after washing. This is why you would want to cut a larger square than how you intended it to be. Larger blankets also let you allow the shrinking to take place. Once you’ve finished one blanket, creating the next ones will be easy and fast.