Cozy, Not Cramped: Clever Ways To Make Small Rooms Seem Bigger

Small spaces can definitely be a challenge. Whether you’re living there out of necessity or choice, cramped living quarters often begin to take their toll, leaving you feeling claustrophobic and stressed. That being said, when done well, even the smallest of houses, apartments, or rooms can become a cozy home for you to live. All you need to do is trick the eye into seeing more space. With that in mind, here are six clever ways to make small rooms seem bigger.



Clear Up Any Clutter

Nothing good ever comes from having a messy home. As well as causing you unnecessary stress and providing places for dust and dirt to hide, clutter can make your house seem much smaller than it is. Because of this, you need to get rid of anything you no longer want or need. Work through your house room by room, donating or throwing away all of the unwanted stuff.


Stick To Cool Colors

While darker colors absorb light, cool tones reflect it back into a space. This can make your home appear more open and airy. For this reason, you should stick to decorating rooms with those sorts of colors. White works best but can make your house feel very cold and clinical. To avoid this, you should break up the white with other cool shades, like soft pinks and purples.


Use The Same Flooring

Using the same flooring in every room of your home helps them to blend into one another. This will make each of the rooms seem larger and a part of something bigger. When the time comes to buy new carpet, therefore, whether it be from or elsewhere, you should choose the same one for the whole house. At the very least, they should all be the same color.


Let The Light In

Rooms with lots of natural light always feel more open than those without. This means that you should remove any heavy blinds or curtains to allow more light into the space. You must also ensure that your windows are kept relatively clean. After all, dirt on the glass will only block light from getting through. It’s also important that there are lots of other light sources in the rooms.


Decorate With Reflective Surfaces

Reflective surfaces work magic in small rooms. Not only do they reflect the image of the space, making it seem bigger than it is, but they reflect light too. Because of this, you should decorate your home with as many of these surfaces as you can. Before you start hanging mirrors on every wall of your home, though, you should check out for tips.


Choose The Right Furniture

Modern-day rooms often serve many different purposes. A living room, for example, can be used for working, relaxing, entertaining, and eating. This means that you’ll need furniture to accommodate all of these activities. The trouble is, a small space may not have the room. This is why you should choose multipurpose furniture, like an ottoman that also has storage inside.


With the tips above, even the smallest of homes can feel cozy, instead of cramped.