Making Crafts Mindful

Mindfulness is a useful way of learning to relax and to let go of stress and anxiety. It involves focusing on the here and now, and being mindful of the things you’re doing, as well as your environment. If you want to practice mindfulness, crafting is a great way to do it. You can concentrate on your craft, focusing on the things you need to do and the movements you need to make. Anything that requires lots of concentration and perhaps some precise movements can be good for practicing mindfulness. If you want to find some calm by crafting, here are some great mindful craft activities to try.




Sewing is something that many people do at the same time as something else. It’s easy to sew while you watch TV or even read a book so it might not seem ideal for a mindful session. However, not all sewing is so easy to do while multi-tasking. It’s often better to give it your full attention, especially when you’re using a machine or doing some intricate hand sewing. You can sew just about anything if you want to get lost in the act of sewing. But the more you challenge yourself, the more you’ll need to pay attention to what you’re doing.




Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, is one of the best crafts for practicing mindfulness. One of the reasons it’s so good is that you need to make precise folds if you want your project to work. If a fold is even slightly off, it can end up making further folds difficult and result in a lopsided project. To get started, begin with a fairly simple item like an origami frog. You could soon be folding something much more complicated. Origami will teach you to be careful and precise, and it will help you to be more patient too. Trying to get a fold exactly right can help you learn to deal with frustration.


Coloring In

You might not necessarily see it as a craft, but adult coloring books have taken off over the last few years. However, you don’t need to buy books if you don’t want to. You can easily print off images, or even draw your own to color in. Coloring in is a great mindful activity because it requires some thought but not too much. You can use it to clear your mind, or to contemplate a few things while you’re concentrating on coloring. It’s also an excellent no-pressure way to get crafty. You don’t have to sell or display anything you do. Try mandalas for intricate coloring in.



Make Some Mindful Tools

If you’re trying to be more mindful, you might find that making some things you can use in your practice of mindfulness is helpful. You can find plenty of great ideas for tools you can use when you want to meditate or be mindful. For example, try an easy mind jar, which just involves glitter glue and water in a jar. It’s great to shake and watch to help you calm down.


Crafting is excellent if you want to be more mindful. No matter what crafts you like to do, it can help you forget about your worries.



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