Making Money in a Time of Pandemic Panic

Moms are among the most resourceful and proactive people on the planet. But when something like the global coronavirus pandemic comes along, it’s enough to cause havoc for even the most determined of us. Even if we and our families are lucky enough to avoid infection, household income is likely to take a dip as many Moms and their spouses are unable to work. Even if you’re one of the lucky households that can still work from home, you may face reduced pay or a reduced workload in this difficult time. And with homes on lockdown, businesses of all shapes and sizes closing their doors and the economy virtually grinding to a halt, it’s not like Moms or their partners can just get a job elsewhere. 

Still, worry not. Whether your income has been reduced or cut off completely, if you have free time you can make money from home while still having the flexibility to look after your little ones. In fact, this might just be the chain of events that leads to creating your very own home business. Check out these opportunities which can help you avoid pandemic panic…

Monetize your social following

If you already have a blog, YouTube page or any other content you create that has a sizeable following, you can make good money from this. All you need to do is join an affiliate marketing program. Here are some of the best right now. Your affiliate program gives you a snippet of code which you copy and paste into your website. This creates an link to the affiliate’s online store. When your followers click through and make a purchase, you make money from it. Best of all, affiliates are usually recognized and trusted brands that your followers would probably buy from anyway. You have nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain.

Learn the art of trading free of fees

Many have made a fortune from trading stocks, shares and other commodities like foreign currencies (Forex). And with the rise of mobile and desktop apps, it’s not just wall street types who can make money from trading. With an online Forex Broker you can try your hand at trading or get a feel for the markets free of charge. Of course, no investment is risk free so we recommend starting small as you gain a greater understanding of how markets work.  

Make money from everyday activities using apps

From working out at home to watching online videos and even shopping, there are lots of apps out there that allow you to monetize your free time. Some will pay you money to take a look at what websites you’re browsing while others will pay you to watch and rate videos. Yet more will give you a little money for carrying out online surveys. Spend a few minutes on these every day and it could all add up to generate some income when you need it most.

Take your skills to the open market as a freelancer

Finally, if you’re a skilled writer, designer or (better yet) someone with coding knowledge, there’s a wealth of opportunities for you in the freelancing world. Take your talents to websites like Upwork and Fiverr where you can find interested parties looking for your services and happy to pay you what you’re worth. 

There are many digitally led companies out there for whom it’s pretty much business as usual right now.