Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom can be difficult, especially when you want to start redecorating your space. To make the most of a pokey space you may think you can’t really do much at all, however there are ways to revamp your small space to make the most of every little inch.



Corner sink

Sometimes when you have a tiny bathroom, the one thing which takes up a whole lot of room is the sink and pedestal. If you currently have a pedestal sink, you can make a huge impact on the space by changing to a corner unit. You can even buy a unit which has storage underneath the sink to save even more room.


Get a shower screen

Rather than having a separate shower cubicle and a bathtub, all you need is a shower screen over the bath. It will mean you have both in one place and it will give too that extra space for storage or just for traffic through the room.


Have a wall vanity

Instead of having a normal vanity on the floor, you can make a ton more space by mounting it on the wall. You will not only gain more room for walking, but you will also make the room look taller than it really is.


A built in toilet

One way to avoid that unattractive toilet which is situated in the room is to build it into a cabinet. Rather than the cistern being on view to the world you can hide it behind an integrated door and then keep your toilet roll and other bits out of sight. This will give the room a sleek, modern and more spacious look overall.


Use large tiles

The best way to make a small room seem bigger is to use larger tiles. Get rid of your tiny squares and introduce huge tiles to the walls for a more expansive and grand look. It will make a massive difference to the space.


A bathtub with legs

If you have seen contemporary bathroom design you have likely noticed that they usually feature a bathtub on legs. There are two main reason for this: firstly it looks more grand and luxurious, and secondly it makes the room feel bigger. Think about you bathtub refinishing and consider getting rid of the panels or buying a new bath with sleek copper legs.


A huge mirror

Mirrors are the most simple way to make a small space look larger. And the bathroom is no different. Rather than only having a small mirror in your vanity you can buy a large led mirror for the room which expands wide across the room, creating more space.


A sleek towel rail

Rather than having a chunky radiator gracing your walls, a brilliant way to add space and a sense of luxury to the room is by having a long, tall towel rail hung by the door. If you don’t have room for this you can even put a non heated towel rail on the back of the door.


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