Don’t Make Money, Save It! Making Your Pennies Go Further

Everybody is trying their best to make some extra money but sometimes we are better off saving money. People don’t like to make massive alterations to their lifestyle but this can be a better way to make what little money you have to go further. But what parts of our lifestyle can help us to save money as we go so we don’t have to earn extra cash?

Don’t Take Out Expensive Cell Phone Contracts

This is one area of our life that we all deem essential. But if you have a phone plan where you don’t use all the minutes or data it’s worth looking at how much you really use. There are suppliers of cell phone minutes out there like Prepaid Bill where you can purchase cell phone minutes. So if you have a specific amount of minutes but you think you will go over it only takes a few minutes for the data to be applied to your phone. And if you are out and about a lot it’s a good idea to connect to wi-fi. One of the best ways to make sure you don’t use data is to not have any at all. This means that wherever you go you need to connect to the wi-fi if necessary.

Sign Up For Reward Programs

There are numerous retailers out there that will give you a reward for shopping with them. The best approach is to go for the retailers that you usually shop at. If you don’t have a rewards scheme already set up with them, you can do this quickly. But if you start to diversify your retail experiences and sign up for as many retailers as possible by collecting every card you can you will be able to see if you’ve got extra coupons so you can shop with them on that particular day.

Batch Cooking Meals

Not only does it make your food go further but it saves you money on your utility bills. By using the oven once to batch cook a lasagne that you can portion up and put in the freezer, you won’t need to cook for a while! When you get into the habit of making meals that go further, like casseroles, you are minimizing your own energy expenditure, not just your utilities! But if you make something large you can purchase the ingredients in bulk which will need additional savings. And as an extra bonus, if you have meals in the freezer you won’t feel the temptation to order fast food!

Make Your Food When You Can

With the situation that we’re in right now, it is the perfect opportunity to learn how to bake bread but also add a few recipes to your skillset. When you start to get into the habit of something like baking bread, not only is it tastier, but it will save you a lot of money! And it’s not as complicated as you think!

We think that we need to earn more money when sometimes the solution is far simpler!