3 Effective Ways Of Maximizing Natural Light In Dark Rooms

Lighting can have a huge impact on our emotions.  Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to get depressed during the winter months?  That’s in part due to being exposed to less sunlight during the shorter daytime hours.  (And in part due to the extra spending that happens around the holidays too!)  Making the most use out of the light in your home can make a huge difference in the way that your house looks and feels.  Today we take a look at three tips for maximizing natural light in a wonderful contributed post.



Natural light is a very underrated part of everyday life. We don’t realize how much we need it until we don’t have it. For many of us, we’ve got rooms that feel dark and gloomy as they’re not getting as much light in from outside. When this happens, it can ruin the look of a room as well as cause impractical issues. Less natural light means the need for electric light is greater, causing lights or lamps to be turned on for longer, which wastes electricity.



Luckily, I know how to counter this problem and allow more natural light into the darkest of rooms.


Hang Some Mirrors

If you’re looking for one object that makes a huge difference to the way your home looks/feels, then mirrors are the thing for you. There are so many ways you can use mirrors to your advantage in the home. Their reflective properties make small rooms feel bigger, and they can also make dark rooms maximize the natural light they receive. Again, it’s all thanks to the way mirrors reflect things. In this instance, they reflect light around the room, making it feel much brighter. There are loads of informative articles on sites like Houzz that explain how to use mirrors in more detail. But, to simplify things, hang a couple of mirrors in your dark rooms and watch an immediate effect unfold.



Blinds Over Curtains

Curtains have a lot of benefits; they retain heat and can give off a really unique style. However, if you want to let more light into your home, then blinds are the way forwards. As you can see on the Blinds and Designs website, you’ve got so many different blinds to look at. Some of these are long roller blinds, then you have Venetian ones, and so on. The benefit of blinds is that it’s easier to adjust how much light you let it. You can open them fully, or you can leave small gaps for a bit of light to come through. Plus, you can roll them up completely, meaning the window is fully exposed to natural light. With curtains, you always end up with the end bits covering part of the window.


Glass Doors

Another effective tip is to get glass doors for your dark rooms. This might not be ideal in some cases, such as bedrooms, but it’s a good idea for kitchens, living rooms, dining areas, and any other rooms that aren’t too personal. The benefit of glass doors is that they let in more light from outside the room. This means you get natural light from the windows, and from the door now too. If your hallway is filled with natural light, it seems a waste to have thick wooden doors blocking its path into other rooms. Use glass instead, and reap the rewards.

Try all three of these tips if you want to let more light into your darkest spaces. You’ll find this will brighten up the room and make it look way better. Natural light accentuates the beauty of a room, and it can help improve your mood too.

How do you make the most use of your natural light?

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