Maybe Working in an Office Wasn’t So Bad After All

When the lockdowns first started, most of us were thrilled to hear that we’d be able to work from home. Being able to work in the comfort of your own home probably sounded like a great idea at first, but if you’re like most people, it quickly turned into a boring, mundane, and often depressing thing to engage in. Working from home can’t replicate some of the positives that we get from working in an office, and many of us are starting to think that perhaps our office wasn’t so bad after all.

Some jobs just work better when you’re in an office

Some jobs are just much better in the office. Whether it’s the way you communicate with clients, access to powerful machines and hardware, or even just training your brain to recognize that you’re in a place that demands a lot of focus, it’s clear that our offices do come with many positives that we can’t just ignore. Whether you’re a banker, part of the insurance industry, a baker or a software engineer, our workplaces and offices have lots of unique benefits that we never realized until we were forced to work from home or even not work at all.

We can’t underestimate the value of engaging with team members face-to-face

Engaging with colleagues and team members face-to-face is important for many reasons. For business purposes, it allows you to interact with each other, communicate clearly, and also collaborate more effectively. Sure, you can do all of those things over the internet, but you’ve probably realized that it’s just not the same as engaging with your team members face-to-face.

There’s a time and place for both working in the office and working remotely

If you’re looking to improve your career at home then you’ll likely have noticed just how effective it can be to work remotely. It gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility, but there’s also plenty of benefits when it comes to working in the office too. There’s a time and place for both of these work styles because they end up achieving different things. Working in the office is perfect when you need to collaborate with others or if you need to avoid distractions.

However, working from home can be more comfortable and it’s a great option if you want to be completely focused on your work. Both working at the office and remotely can work, but it really depends on the individual and how they prefer to work.

Being stuck at home isn’t as great as we thought

A lot of people were already sick of being stuck at home just a month after everyone switched to remote workflows. People initially thought that they would never go back to the office and reclaim their old lifestyle, but many are starting to feel the burn. They’re starting to notice the toll that working at home can take on us, and being stuck at home can create some very negative emotions if they’re not handled properly.