Misconceptions About Oral Hygiene Moms And Kids Share

Do you hate taking your kids to the dentist? You’re not the only one. A trip to the dentist can be an absolute nightmare where kids fight with you tooth and nail, kicking and screaming. Some kids hate going to the dentist, and it’s not hard to understand why. The dentist, even in the adult world, is a place associated with pain and suffering. Many adults will avoid going to the dentist if and when they can. This has lead to some parents reducing the times they take their kids to the dentist or avoiding it where possible. But this is a mistake, and it’s usually based on some misconceptions about oral hygiene that parents share with their kids having a dependable water flosser at home can also help encourage good oral hygiene for everyone in the family.



Here are some of the fallacies surrounding the dentist that you need to be aware of. There are quite a few to consider here.


White And Bright = Happy And Healthy

You might think that if teeth are white and bright, they are also healthy, but that’s not true. White teeth can still have plaque build-up and other issues as well as poor oral hygiene. Kids teeth are naturally white, and as long as they brush quite regularly, they’ll stay that way for quite some time. Some adults also have white teeth and hardly ever brush their teeth. Again, it doesn’t mean that they are healthy and there could be some rather unpleasant issues lurking beneath the surface, particularly around the gumline. Remember, the gums should be a pale shade. According to starbritedentalrockville.com, the health of the gums and be just as important as the health of the teeth. So, if they actually look red or swollen, that’s a clear sign there’s trouble in the mouth.


Dentist Checks Are Just For Teeth

A lot of parents and kids are under the impression that dentist checks are simply to look at your teeth and make sure they’re in good condition. But of course, this isn’t true. If it were, dentists wouldn’t need to check your gums, look underneath your tongue and the rest of your mouth. When you go to the dentist, they will also check for any signs of serious health issues unrelated to oral hygiene. For instance, you might have a white spot on the side of your mouth. This can be nothing, but it could also be the first sign of oral cancer. In cases like this, it’s important to catch it as early as possible. This results in the best chance of successful treatment.


Baby Teeth Don’t Matter

Baby teeth do matter, and even though they are going to fall out, you should still be making sure that your kid is brushing their teeth, from an early age. While the teeth might fall out not brushing can cause serious issues with the gums and lead to further problems later in life. As such, it’s always important to keep up good levels of oral hygiene. You can learn about some tips for helping kids keep their teeth clean on oxyfresh.com.



We hope this helps you understand some of the myths surrounding oral hygiene that you may believe. You need to do what you can to ensure that your kid doesn’t buy into these because it could stop them looking after their teeth the way they need to.


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