Playing Mom During An Overwhelming Power Outage

If there is one things blog has covered a multitude of times it’s this: Being a mom is totally overwhelming. Not only is there no guidebook to help you along, there is also no shortage of responsibility because the role of ‘mom’ transcends pretty much every single sub-category there is, from cleaning the house to laundry duty, taxi driver to underpaid chef. It’s no wonder being a mom can be overwhelming. So imagine just how stressful it becomes during a blackout.


The reason we are dropping this negative bombshell on your laps is, well, it’s that time of the year now. Power outages are a thing. Most will only last a couple of hours, but some could span days, which is why you need to be the most prepared mom on the planet. For the sake of your family and your own sanity, you need to be prepared.



A Backup Power Source

Batteries are important (we’ll get onto these), but they are not going to help you make the transition from mom to blackout mom too easily. That is where this generator guide comes in handy. A generator may not be able to power your whole house, but it could power your fridge freezer, the microwave, a few lights, the TV, a heater and your coffee pot for six hours a day on just a gallon of gas. There’s no need to panic with a generator in place.


Long-Lasting Foods

We’re not saying you need to fill an underground bunker with canned food, but a selection of non-perishable and ready-to-eat foods is going to make your role as the head chef so much easier. The only things your family really needs in order to be comfortable are food and heat, so the next time you go grocery shopping, buy enough canned goods to fill an entire shelf in your kitchen. Canned veg, canned fruits, canned meat, instant coffee, soups, beans and anything else you can think of, including the fun stuff, like chips and dips and lots of chocolate.


Light It Up

The allure of a house lit by candles as a storm rages on outside is a truly romantic one. However, it is both impractical, inefficient and dangerous. A huge proportion of house fires are started by candles lit during power outages. Instead, what you need a selection of flashlights and camping lanterns and a lot of batteries. So long as they are hidden in a practical place you will be fine. If you’ve got light, then you’ve got a chance for some fun, whether it be reading on the sofa, playing board games or playing a crazy good game of hide and seek.



Make Sure You Can Cozy Up

If the heating goes then you are going to find your home stops becoming the chipper place it once was. That is why you need to have a stash of extra quilts and blankets somewhere (probably the spare room) so that you can all get snuggly during those long, cold nights. If you can find the sleeping bags in your garage, then grab them too. Anything that will hold the chill at bay is going to be a big morale booster.


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