Mom Life vs Work Life: Mastering the Balance

There are many challenging parts of motherhood.  One of the areas that I often find myself struggling in is being able to successfully juggling work life with mom life.  One minute I am focusing too much on work and I can feel the relationship with my children beginning to suffer, so then I go to the opposite side and focus too much on the kids and find that I’m not where I should be at work.  Both are important things and both need my attention, so how do I successfully manage to ensure that everyone is getting everything that they need from me?  Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that I use that will hopefully help you too.



Set the Expectations

I also try to ensure that my children know what the plans are going to be.  If I’m working on a big project for work, which means that I’ll be pulling in some overtime, I let the children know.  Sometimes I am able to get off in time to pick my Goose up from school, and other times I’m not.  Letting her know ahead of time that only Tuesday of this week will I be able to get her helps equip her with the knowledge up front so that she knows what to expect.  Yes, sometimes this causes a bit of drama on the front end, but I have found that it is less than the temper fits that used to occur when I had to say I couldn’t three days in a row!


Error on the Side of Work

When I’m providing the expectations, I will error on the side of spending more time at work. Say I think the project I’m working on will take 4-6 hours, I’ll account for 7 when I set my plan for the week. This way, if plans change because I accomplished my project in 5 hours, the outcome is in the children’s favor.  I’d much rather see the smile on their face when I let Goose know that I CAN pick her up Thursday after all, versus having to see the tears when I tell her that I actually won’t be able to.


Make Sure Your Heart Is In Both Sides

If your heart isn’t into it, you won’t be your best at it.  Now I am by no means saying that you have to love your job as much as you love your children!  Let’s just make that clear.  What I’m saying is that you want to make sure that you have a job that you love.  If you don’t currently, get one!  Chrissy Weems is a great example of this.  She took a thing that she loved and turned it into a very profitable job.  Creating a side hustle could open the door to having the perfect job for you and your family.  While I work full time outside of the house, I also run this blog and am working on creating a small Etsy store.  (More to come on that later!)  I know that when I have found the perfect job, the art of balancing will become even all the more easier.


Being a mother is the hardest job that I’ve ever had.  Balancing mom life with other jobs as well is a tricky thing to master.  I fully admit, it’s an area that I’m still working on conquering myself.  But, I believe that it’s something that can be done.


What’s your tips for mastering the mom life vs work life balance?