How to Take a Mommy Day Off

As much as you love your children, there will come a time when you need a day off from your all-too-many parental responsibilities. Sadly, many parents often feel guilty about taking a break from their kids.


However, it is essential to relax, de-stress and have fun, so you will feel as if you are more than just mom. If you want to restore both your mind and body, discover how to take a much-needed mommy day off.



Enjoy Breakfast or Lunch with Your Friends

If your children are of school age, you should book breakfast or lunch with your friends. Doing so will provide you with an opportunity to catch-up, so you’ll feel a little like your old self. You will then have the evening to spare to cook your kids’ dinner, help them with their homework, or enjoy an after-school activity. It’s the perfect way to socialize without a guilty conscience.


Book Yourself in for Dinner and Drinks

Of course, you have no reason to feel guilty about spending time away from your children every once in a while! Give yourself a break by enjoying dinner and drinks with your friends, so you can relax, laugh, and make wonderful memories outside of the family home.


Make Time for a Fun Date Night

You can guarantee your kids will want you and your spouse to spend many years together, so you owe it to both them and your relationship to book a date night.


Arrange a babysitter so that you can spend the evening at a concert, theater, or sporting event, which will help to keep the romance alive in your relationship. If you are looking for fun date night inspiration, visit to find the ideal activity.


Spend the Night Alone

If your children are giving you a headache, or you simply feel exhausted due to juggling a busy routine, you should hand the kids over to your partner for the evening so that you can spend a little quality time to yourself.


You could curl up in bed with some popcorn and a good movie, read a book in the tranquility of your backyard, or enjoy a long, well-deserved soak in a hot bubble bath. You’ll feel less stressed and happier for doing so, which will make your kids happier, too.


Ask Your Friends Over for the Evening

Ask your friends to come over once your children are in bed, which is an ideal option if you’re struggling to book a babysitter or don’t want to go out. Stock up on finger food, buy your favorite drinks and enjoy some adult company. Doing so will make you feel more like a person and not just a parent.


Host a Dinner Party

If both you and your other half are dreaming of the company of other adults, consider hosting a dinner party. Not only will it give you both something to look forward to, but it can help to break up your everyday routine, which could strengthen your relationship.