Moms Make Mealtimes Magic Again

Before you had kids, you may have looked forward to meal times, as a chance to take a break out of your day and have some time with your significant other to catch up. However, once the baby comes along all that changes, and by the time they are in their terrible twos, mealtimes can be something of a trial. Especially if they are getting fussy about what they choose to eat, or they are using their dinner to decorate the kitchen! Lucky, there are some tactics you can you to regain control of mealtimes and make them magic again. Just read on to find out what they are.



Eat together

One way that you can make mealtimes magic again is to make an effort to all sit down together and eat. Yes, these will be tough at first as the little ones demand so much attention. However, it can really pay off in the long run for a number of reasons.


The first is that you get them, used to getting together as a family at the table. Something that sets them up for good manners later on, as well as proving a regular time where you as a family can touch base and catch up. Something that can be valuable all through their childhood and teenage years.


The second benefit is that the adults can share the load regarding feeding and supervise the little ones. This means that in one out of every two nights you will actually get to eat your meal while it is still hot. A rare treat for moms that I’m sure you will agree will inject a little magic back into meal times.


Get the right baby chair

Having the right equipment is also essential for making mealtimes manageable. Ensure that you have child-sized cutlery, decent bibs that catch any stray mouthfuls, and most importantly the right high chair.


High chairs are so important because they raise baby up, meaning they are at your level and you don’t have to bend too much to feed them. They are also vital because picking the right one can mean the difference between Baby being comfortable and willing to eat and screaming the house down, windmilling food at anyone in the vicinity!


To this end check out sites like to see what is on offer before you part with your hard-earned cash. After all, you will definitely want to get this choice right the first time you make it.



Limit options

Limiting the options that you offer young children at meal time can also be something that is quite useful in reducing food-related chaos. This is because they will come to learn that they have a choice from a few items, but not that they cannot request whatever they want.


This is important for baby’s health because it gets them into good eating habits. It also reduces the risk of misbehaviors and tantrum throwing to get sweet treats even if they haven’t finished their main course, an issue you can read more on at Of course, I’m sure you’ll agree that anything that means fewer tantrums at dinner time is truly magical.

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