How Moms Can Save Money, Here, There, and Everywhere

Children are a huge drain on your expenses, and both need and want everything under the sun. The worst part? They will grow out of it soon enough! Whether it’s clothes or latest game. Everyone want to do the best for their kids, and ideally, give them everything they could every want or need. For most people though, this is just not possible. So, here are some ways that moms can save some money, here and there. Then you can have little bit more cash spare to treat the kids, or, more importantly, to treat yourself for getting this far in one piece!



Bulk Cook Meals

As a mom you are constantly managing your time and resources, while trying to give your children all the care and attention they need. Food and cooking is an important part of any family’s life, and there is a way to make mealtimes run more smoothly.


If you’re a full time mom, maybe you have the time to spend cooking every night, but for many working women their time is precious. Cooking meals in bulk means cooking more than  you need, and then freezing some for tomorrow’s dinner, or having the leftovers as lunch the next day. Although it might seem like more of a hassle, cooking  more than you need is easier than you think.


Buying a bit more produce, is cheaper than buying completely different ingredients for a completely different meal. This means that from the beginning you are saving some money to begin with. It also means cooking only once, so there’s no need to cook as often, meaning you have some more time on your hands. Good right?


Use the Same Companies

Often people switch between shops, or use different companies, instead of sticking to one. If you stick with one company, you can get all kinds of deals and savings when you become a loyal customer. This can come in many forms from credit card rewards, to saving on getting your groceries delivered, or even getting that extra coffee at your local coffee shop.


Sticking with companies usually is not that much of an convenience, and can get you all kinds of deals in the long run. Pick the one closest to home, or the one that has the best discounts, and start saving money by becoming a loyal customer.



Get Thrifty and Buy Second Hand

Second hand stuff has a bad reputation, but if you shop around you can find some great stuff. Often, it comes at better quality than the lowest high street brands, and is just as cheap. When children are growing, or will destroy their clothes playing anyway! Second hand stuff is worth considering.


Raising kids is hard enough as it is, so by following some of these tips, it might be just that much easier. As a mom, your time and money is precious, so some of these ideas will give you a bit more of both. Get thrifty, get saving, and go back to the same stores to save money.

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