Money Making Made Easy for Mad-Busy Mums

There are a million and one household chores to be done and you’re still worrying about how to make ends meet this month. Money is always tight when you’ve got little ones running around. The kiddies grow so quickly and are constantly outgrowing their shoes and clothes. We all wish there was a money fairy that could magic a large sum of money into our banks with the wave of a wand. It isn’t quite that easy, but don’t worry help is on the way. Take a few minutes to brush up on some of these quick and easy money making methods.



Baby Clothes & Toys

Your house is full of your little ones old clothes and toys that they aren’t really using any more. You could really use the extra space in your home and the additional money in your pocket. There are plenty of online forums for local mums where you can advertise unwanted stuff. You can often sell bucket loads of belongings online. If you’re no longer using these bits and bobs that your baby had when they were little you can definitely make some money from them. So try and part from those precious possessions and earn money whilst you do it!


Declutter for Dollar

As well as selling on your baby’s belongings, you can have a go at decluttering too. It’s almost certain that you have valuable trinkets just sitting around in your jewellery box. Visit places like where you can find the value of your silver or gold jewellery. You might be able to make a jolly good amount from unused and unworn necklaces and bracelets.

You can also create your own online store where you can regularly sell your unwanted items. If you try to add something to it every month you’ll be making a steady amount to keep you going. All those unexpected bills will be covered so no need to worry.


Get Crafty for Cash

Do you have a secret creative streak that is just dying to let loose? Stop hesitating and start being proactive with it. If you have a talent for sewing you could start making homemade cushions or dresses. All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home so you can be flexible about when you’re working. Another idea could be to bake for local groups and communities. Ask for a small donation and you can provide them with cakes and snacks for their weekly meetings. It’s a great way to get to know people and you can have fun whilst making some money too.


Take a Risk

If you have never considered investing your money in stocks you might want to have a look at giving it a go! Make sure you spend a good amount of time researching and don’t make any crazy decisions without considering the risks firsts. Sometimes risks pay off though, so why not give it a try?

You’re bound to find something out of here to tickle your fancy. Start making a little bit of extra money for you and your family today.


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