Money Mantras For Struggling Parents

When you’re going through money troubles, it can feel like you’re never going to get yourself back on level ground. You’re so completely consumed by the task of keeping your family’s financial head above water that you can’t imagine anything changing for the better.


It may help you to know that every family goes through money worries from time to time. It’s inevitable; so many financial glitches cannot be predicted. All it takes is a couple of extra, unexpected expenses, and you can feel your budget begin to unravel in record time.


When you find yourself going through one of these difficult periods, it’s important to try to prevent your mind from running away with you. Below are a few financial mantras to repeat to yourself; these will not only help you center yourself and feel more positive about the future, but may even provide practical advice that helps to end your money woes as quickly as possible.



Mantra #1: “The small details are what matter.”

It’s easy to be consumed by the overwhelming task of managing household finances, particularly if those finances are struggling. You see the entire problem, rather than the composite parts.


It can be hugely beneficial to focus on those composite parts, rather than looking at the big picture. Look for the small things you can improve; the small payments you can make; the small areas you can cut back from in your budget. We’re constantly being told to “see the big picture” in life, but if you’re struggling financially, then the smaller picture is actually more helpful.


Mantra #2: “I will control what I can.”

To stop you feeling like you’re spiraling out of control, this mantra helps to focus you on controlling as much as you possibly can– and accepting that some things are going to be outside of your control.


You can’t magically fix your finances overnight, nor can you suddenly have a solution to each and every issue– so don’t expect yourself to. Instead, focus on controlling the aspects of your outgoings that you can control. Here’s how this works in principle: You can’t control the weather, but you can take time finding the right thermostat to ensure that you have full control over your heating expenses. You can’t control how much your taxes are going to be; but you can control setting aside a contingency fund in case your bills are higher than you were anticipating. By focusing on areas where you can be proactive, you’ll achieve more, and make more of a difference to the overall financial landscape.



Mantra #3: “The future comes first.”

When you’re in a tight financial spot, it can be tempting to bump your issues down the road to deal with them– you’ll try anything that makes tomorrow feel better, even if it means costing yourself more money in the future. This mantra seeks to counterbalance that, because you can never escape a tough financial time if you’re continually making the future worse.


Don’t defer payments that you can make today; don’t opt for “buy now pay later” deals; and don’t borrow from one credit card to pay another. These choices will not make anything better; they will just extend the length of time you’re spending struggling with financial matters.


Hopefully, the mantras above will help get you through your difficult financial time, and see you safely into the smooth waters on the future.

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