8 Money Saving Funeral Hacks

When it comes to death, it can be an expensive business. Planning for your family’s future after the loss of a loved one, and then paying for the funeral can cause a lot of stress and a hefty hole in your pocket to boot.



The good thing is, there are ways to make your funeral planning process run smoothly, and not cost you the earth. Here are 8 clever hacks to help you save money on your funeral;


  • Don’t be afraid to shop around for funeral directors, just as you would for car insurance or a hotel stay. It’s the same principal, and there are some funeral director’s out there that will charge you up to $15000 for a funeral. Make sure that you compare funeral directors in your local area and find the best deal and style of service to fit your family’s needs. If you are opting for cremation, there tends to be a fairly standard rate across the board- but you might still be caught out with a company that tries to rip you off.  Cremation alone should only cost you $3000, any more than that and you need to look elsewhere.


  • Avoid buying a burial vault. They are incredibly costly and unnecessary. Although some cemeteries require a vault to avoid the ground eventually caving in, a lot of them don’t. It’s not a legal requirement so it’s your choice entirely.


  • Embalming is another unnecessary step in the funeral process. The world won’t end if you bury an un-embalmed body, and in fact you can even display the body if you want an open casket at the funeral.


  • You don’t need a casket if you are opting for cremation. Your funeral director may try to push you for a pricier container for the body, but by law most crematories only require a body bag to keep all of the fluids contained.


  • Keep the ceremony and wake simple. You don’t need to hire a huge venue, bring in caterers and go for huge flower arrangements. Stick to what you can comfortably afford.


  • When you go with a funeral director, stick with the basic plan. They will offer you optional extras to add to the cost, but if you are on a budget, you can forego these.


  • This might be an extreme option, but if your relative dies at home, you can skip the fancy ceremony and wake-and display the corpse at your home and invite friends and family to view the body and celebrate their life. You’ll have free reign on how everything goes down and a home funeral can be a beautiful thing.


  • When you buy a casket, you can often be tricked into feeling guilty and buying a more expensive casket than you need. People associate buying the cheapest casket with lack of love for the deceased, but that’s not the case at all. Don’t let yourself feel guilty for having to buy the cheapest option in the showroom, if it’s all you can afford, there’s nothing wrong with that.



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