Why Motivation Isn’t Enough To Eat Healthy?

January is the time of the year where you’re likely to be the most motivated to stick to a healthy diet. Eating healthy meals is a common new year’s resolution. Whether you are trying to lose weight in the process or you want to improve your energy levels and lifestyle, a healthy diet could be a fantastic health boost. 

Except that making the right choice when it comes to your meal can be tricky. Ultimately, chances are that you will make a few mistakes on the way. You might come back home after a long day at work and find yourself eating a pack of biscuits before you notice. How could that sort of thing happen? The truth is that you don’t need to blame yourself for lacking motivation. In reality, you might be struggling with invisible factors that push you in the wrong direction. If you’re going to stick to your healthy diet, you need to understand what things are working against you. 

Your home is cold

There is nothing worse than feeling a cold breeze passing through the living room. Your body tenses, and you wrap yourself in a blanket, hoping to make the cold go away. When you’re cold, your body is more likely to crave caloric snacks in an effort to maintain its temperature. You have to make sure your home is warm if you are trying to avoid indulging in sugary treats. When turning the heating up doesn’t help, you’ve got two different solutions to explore. First of all, you might be overheating your home, which can dry the moisture out of the air and lower the perceived temperature. You can test this theory with an air humidity sensor; anything below 30% is too dry. Secondly, your windows might be letting the cold air in, which you can solve by arranging for full renewal by Andersen windows. Window replacement can instantly sort out your energy problem and your healthy eating!  

Oops, Netflix and chill… and eat

TV binges are the new night-in trend. It’s easy to understand why with services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Is there anything really unhealthy about having a cozy night in? Technically no, but more often than not, the night in turns into an entire weekend of binging with a pile of junk food to keep you satisfied. And that does your body no good! However, if you’re going to indulge in a few episodes, make sure you avoid the food trap. Prepare a tray of healthy food, such as a mezze platter with homemade hummus and plenty of veggies. Alternatively, you can make a bento box, which forces you to pay attention to what you’re eating. You have to focus when you use chopsticks! Simple changes will ensure you don’t overeat in front of the TV. 

You’ve had a bad day

Everybody has a bad day from time to time. While it doesn’t give you the right to throw away your healthy eating resolution and grab the first pack of biscuits, it’s typically what happens. It’s a natural behavior as you seek comfort after a hectic or stressful experience. Comfort, however, doesn’t need to come in cake shapes. Instead, you can make yourself a warm bath and relax with a good book and a few scented candles. No bathtub? Pamper with a face mask and a new manicure. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do to soothe your stress. Food isn’t always the best answer to your problems. 

You refuse to buy yourself new clothes

Long-term goals are important when you decide to change your lifestyle and adopt healthy habits. However, long-term goals shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the little victories on the way. Celebrating your journey when you start a healthy diet is about improvements in your energy levels and your weight too. You need to embrace the transformation, even if you haven’t reached your goal yet. Buying new clothes for your transitional silhouette is all about feeling good about yourself. It makes you less likely to give up before reaching your objective. 

You deprive yourself of everything you love

Fair enough, you shouldn’t fall back into your own ways and indulge in high fat or high sugar food. But it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something yummy from time to time. Depriving yourself of the foods you love will only push you to the limit and break your discipline. Instead, the secret to healthy eating is to continue to enjoy cake in moderation. Moderation rather than deprivation is the secret to sustainable healthy eating. 

Embracing a healthy diet is not a one-off decision. It’s a journey. As such, if you’re going to make it a part of your life, you need to understand the traps that can affect your motivation and your routine. Make it easier for yourself to stay healthy!