Motorcycle Mania – Why Two Wheels Are Better Than Four

Thinking of buying a new car? Maybe you should start thinking of buying a motorcycle instead…


Ok, so cars and motorbikes are very different vehicles, and each comes with their very own set of pros and cons. But have you ever given enough serious thought into buying a bike? If not, you might be ignoring some of the great positives that come with riding around on two wheels.


Most of us are so used to driving a car that we end up stuck in the habit of always replacing our four wheels with another four-wheeled vehicle. Now could be the perfect time to break your car habit! Here are some great reasons that might persuade you to turn to the world of motorcycles!



Your Street Cred Will Greatly Improve

There is one fact that it is impossible to ignore – riding a motorbike will make you effortlessly cool! Motorcycles come with a lot of street cred and will really impress anyone who sees you on the back of one. Plus, you will need to wear some seriously awesome leathers when you are on your bike. These leathers will look cooler than anything else in your wardrobe, especially when you pair them with your bike helmet! One thing is for sure, you will certainly get a lot more swagger in your walk once you buy a new bike!


They Are Great For Camaraderie

When you become a motorcyclist, you will instantly enter into a very exclusive club. That’s the club that all bike riders belong to! As soon as you hit the road, you will know that you have become a member. That’s because every other motorcyclist who you pass will give you a little wave with their finger. There are also lots of motorcycle clubs up and down the country, and you might want to join the nearest one to you. The members often meet up to go for long rides together. You’ll find that riding a motorbike is a really great way to meet some very cool and exciting new people!


They’re Safer Than You Think

Bikes sometimes get a bad rep when it comes to their safety. Sure, you are more exposed when you are on the back of a bike compared to when you are in a car, but that is no reason for them being not as safe as their four-wheeled cousins. The news always seems to be reporting about a big motorcycle accident with serious injuries but, in actual fact, car accidents are just as common as bike accidents. There are, of course, ways you can be a lot safer on the back of a bike too. For example, you should always wear a helmet and the correct type of leathers. These will greatly protect you in the event that you do come off the back of the bike. You should also try and ride as defensively as possible. That just means you need to assume that none of the other road users has spotted you. So, make sure you leave plenty of space between you and any other vehicles that you pass. Make sure that you also stick to the speed limits on roads. Otherwise, you are only putting yourself and other road users at risk of being involved in an accident.



Bikes Are Greener Than Cars

Did you know that motorbikes are actually a lot more environmentally friendly than cars? You may be surprised to hear it, but it’s very much true! Motorbikes are very efficient forms of transport and they have a minimum impact on the environment around them. That’s because they have smaller engines compared to cars. Not only that, though, but they have smaller tanks for their gas. As they don’t carry too much gas, they don’t emit an excessive amount of omissions when you are driving them. Overall, motorcycles are definitely the best option for the environment!


It’s Cheaper To Fill The Tank

I’ve already mentioned that bikes have small fuel tanks on them. That means that you can’t fill them up with a huge amount of fuel. This is definitely good news for your bank balance as it doesn’t cost a huge amount to fill up the tank! But don’t worry; that doesn’t mean that you have to repeatedly go back to a gas station to keep on filling the tank. In actual fact, motorbike engines are very efficient, especially when it comes to fuel consumption. So, even though the bike only has a small engine, it will keep running on the small amount of fuel it has for a long time. In most cases, for a lot longer than what you might expect!


Parking Is Easy

Do you hate trying to park your car? This is one of the most hardest skills that all car drivers have to learn. Whether you struggle with parallel parking or bay parking, there is no denying that trying to get your car into a small space requires a lot of skill and bags of patience. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this with a motorcycle. That’s because bikes are small and slim enough to easily fit into most spaces. In most cases, you can simply drive straight in and you don’t have to worry about trying to maneuver the vehicle for the best fit.



Yes, You Can Carry Luggage

Worried that you won’t have any space for luggage on your motorbike? Well, you might be very happy to hear that you can in fact carry luggage on bikes. You will just need to buy some panniers to add onto the sides of your bike. These are like boxes that will attach onto your bike. You can then pack them with all your bags. So, whether you go on holiday or nip to the supermarket, you can go on your bike without worrying about where you will put all your bags and suitcases!


As you can see, there are so many great reasons to buy a motorbike. So, what are you waiting for?!


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