8 Things You Must Sort When Moving to a New Neighborhood

You’ve just moved (or are planning to move) to a new neighborhood. While packing (and then unpacking) will be your primary concern when moving house, you shouldn’t neglect some of the important tasks when you move to a new neighborhood. Here are some helpful reminders.



Meet The Neighbors

When you have moved in one of the first things you are going to want to do is introduce yourself to the people living around you. This could be done through having a housewarming and inviting them all over, or just knocking on their door and saying hi. Either way having a good relationship with your neighbors is important, and you might make some great friends, too. Meeting your neighbors is one of the best way feeling at home in your new neighborhood, and it will help the entire family feel more relaxed and begin to enjoy their new home.


Check Your Belongings

Moving house can sometimes result in damages. You need to check those important items like your fridge, freezer and washing machine are not damaged. If they are damaged, then you will need to replace them, and the sooner you know this, the better. If you hired a mover to help you pack all of your belongings and they packed an appliance damaged in transit, then you could be eligible for a claim through your insurance. However, you need to check them immediately as if you leave it too long then you claim may no longer be valid.  The same could be true of boxes of other items have been damaged, but again you need to file the claim as soon as possible to be eligible for a payout from your insurance. Don’t let the movers get off easy if they have damaged some of your items.



Change Your Address

Now that you have literally changed address, you will want to change your address with places like the bank, phone provider, utilities and anyone else who might send you mail. Forgetting to do this could mean that important documents go to your old address. This could even lead to you missing bill deadlines and racking up extensive charges, so don’t forget to gather a list of all the places where you need to change your address and set aside some time to change them all. A lot of these changes can probably be made online, but some might take longer or require you to call people or send responses via post. Start working on your list as soon as possible.


Re-Register For Things

If you have moved to a different city or state, then you will need to make sure to register to vote again. You may also need to register your car again, and it is worth checking with your local DMV what needs to be completed just to be safe. Check there is nothing else that you need to re-register for and do it as soon as possible, so you aren’t caught without the correct documentation.


Change Schools

If you have moved a long distance and you kids need a new school, then you need to find a replacement. This can be done before you move, but if you didn’t have the time or weren’t able to so for whatever reason, then you should make finding a new school a priority. The quicker you find your children a new school, the easier it will be for them to establish a new routine and it will make the transition to a new neighborhood and new school easier. There are websites (here) that you can use to find out how good each local school is so that you know where you want to send your kids.



New Dentist

If you aren’t already, you should register with a local dentist. Having regular visits to the dentist can help to spot issues before they become truly concerning. Your dentist can also give you tips on how to look after your teeth, the kinds of foods to avoid and ways to help keep them strong. Having a registered dentist is also important in case you do need any work doing as a toothache can be painful. You may find that you need a filling for a cavity or even worse a tooth removed and not having a dentist can mean that you have to wait far longer than you’d like to have the work done. It is worth learning about the potential treatments you could have done by a dentist so that you know what might work best for your teeth. For example, if you need to have dental implants (here) then you might want to know either how it works or what the end result will be like. Either way being more informed is better, and your dentist can help you know everything you want about your teeth and creating a positive relationship with your dentist is good for the whole family.


Check Out Community Activities

Community activities will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood, but you should definitely take a look at what is going on and get involved. This is a great way to meet new people and support the neighborhood. It shows that you care and is a really positive way to spend your time. You might have a special skill that fits a niche perfectly, too. Whether this is a paid role or volunteering, it will help make you feel at home in your new community. You can often find information on what is happening by talking to your neighbors or looking in the local paper.


Home Insurance

Now that you have moved, you will want to apply for new house insurance. This will help protect your house and belongings from any accidents or incidents that may befall them. The sooner you do this, the better as you don’t want to lack any cover in case something does happen. This is potentially something you can have done before the move but often packing and organizing the rest of the move is busy enough by itself that home insurance can be forgotten. Don’t forget to do it once you have moved.


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