A Natural Route To The Land Of Nod

Do you dread the moment you put the kids to bed? It’s one of those bittersweet situations. You’re likely looking forward to the downtime, but dreading what you have to do to get it. No matter how well behaved your kids are, it isn’t unusual for bedtime to make them anything but sleepy. Crying kids and bed-related tantrums abound in most family households.

There’s a myriad of tips and tricks about how to overcome the issue. Some parents swear by nightlights, while others let their kids fall asleep in front of the television. But, solutions like these aren’t without problems. After all, in a world where screen-time is a hot topic of debate, do you really want to use electricals at bedtime?

Instead, it may be worth turning to natural solutions which stand to work even better. While adjustments can take time, a natural bedtime is sure to leave everyone that bit happier. And, here are some tips to help you achieve it.


Screen-free downtime

Each parent has rules about screen-time. It’s very much a personal preference, and one we’re not going to get into here. But, no matter how much television you let your kids watch, it’s worth having at least an hour of no-screens before bed. And, that includes you! Turn off the television and put the phones away. Staring at a screen right up until bedtime keeps us awake. This is because of the blue light they emit, which is thought to impact melatonin levels. You can find out more about that on sites like www.nature.com. In short; screens before bedtime aren’t good. Instead, get into the habit of reading with your kids, or playing quiet games which don’t involve technology.


A calming scent in the bedroom

Certain essential oils are incredibly useful for promoting sleepiness. Scents like lavender, chamomile, and ylang-ylang all have drowse inducing abilities. And, with the help of a diffuser like those found at aromatechscent.com, you can ensure your kids’ bedrooms come complete with these smells. You could either leave one in their room all the time or place it there an hour before bed. Either way, this is sure to send them to sleep. If you want to take this further, place lavender pouches under their pillows, or rub small amounts of essential oils there.


A bedtime drink

Warm milk has long been a bedtime staple. It takes them back to their days of bottle feeds and comfort and sends them off to sleep like a dream. If you aren’t in the habit of doing so already, give them a hot drink of something like milk or tea around an hour before bed. Bear in mind that, if using tea, it’s essential you choose a herbal option. Chamomile teas, like these found at republicoftea.com are always a safe bet, as are peppermint teas. Make sure, too, that you don’t give them this too soon before bed. Otherwise, the sleep-inducing capabilities will be ruined by their need to pee half an hour later!


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