Natural Relief for Menstrual Cramps

Once a month, every month, there is a visitor who comes to my home.  Usually, I welcome company with open arms, but this guest is one that I really wish would just stop visiting.  I’m not talking about friends or family, I’m speaking about the monthly visit from Mother Nature.  The wonderful “bad time of the month”.  I’ve always had severe menstrual cramps, so I’m always looking for ways that I can actually calm them.  I’ve found a few things that help relieve the pain a bit, and thought I’d share with you.


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Hot Baths

Soaking in the tub in water that is hotter than I would any other time of the month, is a wonderful way to help relieve cramps.  The hot water soothes my aching back muscles in a way that little else will.  Sometimes I will add a few drops of essential oils as well, which helps calm my mind as well as my body.



doTERRA ClaryCalm Essential Oil Blend is my best friend when Aunt Flo pays me her monthly visit.  This essential oil blend rolls right onto your stomach and within a few minutes, the cramps begin to subside.  It has a strange smell to it, I’ll be upfront.  When I’m not on my cycle, I can’t stand the smell; however, when I need it, the smell transforms into one that calms my mind.  I don’t know how to explain it except that my body knows it will help and so the scent becomes pleasing.  It’s like magic!  This is probably the best product I’ve ever purchased to relieve cramps.


Heating Pad

Just like the heat from the hot baths helps soothe the tense muscles, a Heating Pad provides dry heat when you need it most.  I use mine when sitting down to work on my blog, or when watching cartoons with the kiddos.  I’ll switch it from my front, providing heat to my stomach, over to my back to relax the pain back there.  The ability to apply the heat directly to the spots that need it works wonders for me.


Drink, Drink and Drink Some More

One thing that we sometimes forget is just how integrated our body is.  When we are having pain from our cramps, our minds don’t always link dehydration to period pains…  But it can be!  Staying hydrated won’t cure your cramps, but it can help with the bloating which can make your cramps worse.  Grab your water bottle and ensure that you’re drinking your water (not alcohol!)  If you’re like me and don’t care for the flavor of water, add some lemon or other fruit to sweeten it up and give it a good taste.


Get Moving

I’m not sure if it’s physical or mental, but making myself move always seems to help my cramps.  A little yoga session helps to stretch out the muscles.  A short run helps to release endorphins and works to take your mind off the problem.  If it’s summer, a good swim is also a wonderful way to get your body moving.  Whatever you choose to do, do something!


Relax – This too shall pass

When you allow your mind to dwell on something, it tends to take over.  Sometimes just getting your mind off of your pain will make a huge difference.  Use this time to watch a movie with your family, or play some board games together to strengthen your family bond.  Use the evening to sneak away for some girls time (just remember that alcohol can make cramps worse!).  Remember that this most wonderful time of the month will only last a few days and then it will be back to life as usual, so don’t allow it to consume you.  This too shall pass!


What have you found that works best to relieve your cramps?


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