A Neat Home Is Stylistically, Full Of Surprises!

When we think of brilliant home decor, we consider all the great styles of the past. The traditional Victorian Era introduced ornamentation, that was used to express your travels and life experience. Then the post-modern style came about whereby it was all about minimal styling and figurines become more common. Now, however, we are going through a period of newfound love for the interior style of contemporary homes. Even though things are becoming more colorful, they are also heading back to a more is a better style of thinking. That means more clutter and potentially more things to clean up. But this is the added benefit of keeping a neat home.

By your feet

The bedroom is definitely one of the areas which regularly gets messy. You’re trying on clothes, throwing them on your bed, taking off your socks leaving them on the floor and getting ready to go out. There are a myriad of things that can litter the floor. However, if you keep a bedroom storage box by the foot of your bed, you can have quick and easy access to pretty much anything. Just lift the lid and dive in. storage boxes have a tremendous amount of room, which is great for your children’s room as well. They can use the boxes to store their toys while you can keep your towels and underwear in them if you want to. They also come in different styles. Some boxes are obvious, while others disguise themselves as benches. They can be made purely from wood or they can be made out of fabric.

Snakes in the kitchen

The modern kitchen has several appliances. Therefore there are many wires that snake around and create quite a clutter on countertops. You can use multiple methods to keep things clean. Sellotaping the wires to the walls or even the appliances is quick and simple, but it will restrict the movement of your appliances. A more flexible solution is to hide electrical cords using something like a cord wrapper. This gadget fits onto your appliances and wraps the wires around a small disc. Whenever you need more or less wire, just twist the top and the wire will become loose enough to be made longer. This is great if you have young children that could have something fall on top of them from the countertop. 

Hiding in plain sight

The living room is the place where you will have the most hidden surprises. A foldable coffee table offers hidden storage space. Depending on the style, you can store books and even cutlery for tea or coffee. A little bowl for sugar and or tray for biscuits would be a nice little touch to your style. But, keep them hidden in the coffee table until you have guests over. It will be a nice little way to surprise them and give function to your table’s form. 

A neat home is inherently one that can be used to make a statement. Surprising your guests with furniture that has more than one function will add to the flavor of your interior design.