Dealing With Acute Neck Pain

In this post, we are going to take a look at acute neck pain. Neck pain is something most people experience at some point but when it is of this nature it can be worrying.

Acute/chronic torticollis is also commonly referred to as ‘wry neck’, which is a condition where the neck has been painfully tilted or twisted. We see a lot of people with this injury, which can be caused by damage to the blood supply or neck muscles, or it can be inherited or developed in the womb when the foetus’ head is in the incorrect position.

Acute/chronic torticollis can be extremely painful and frustrating, as it can make it difficult for sufferers to carry out their typical daily tasks while other symptoms include the chin tilting to one side, swollen neck muscles, one shoulder higher than the other, headaches, neck stiffness and the inability to move the head as you normally can. Treatment is most successful when it is begun early, so if you think you could be suffering from wry neck it is advisable to give a physio a call as quickly as possible, as the last thing you want to do is run the risk of the issue getting worse and impairing functionality even further. 

When you visit a physio, the first thing they will do is carry out a thorough assessment of your condition so they can determine what is causing the problem. This is imperative as there are many different types of torticollis and people suffer in different ways, which is why an accurate diagnosis is essential so that an effective and efficient treatment plan can be put together so that you will be back to your best in no time. Also, sometimes people think they have a wry neck but it could be something else, for example, they may need an assessment for cancer treatment or a more serious condition like this.

A specialist will use an assortment of techniques and approaches, including stretching exercises, physical therapy, massage, applying heat and neck braces, and they will also provide you with a rehabilitation program to follow at home to ensure the problem does not get worse or re-occur, which is vital because wry neck is a condition that has a tendency to redevelop. 

The recovery time for the wry neck is completely dependent on how severe your condition is; yet most cases of acute/chronic torticollis can be unlocked immediately, and, therefore, you may only need one physiotherapy session. 

All you need to do is give a physio a call today, and they will take it from there. Make sure all of their therapists are trained, qualified and experienced, and they will do their utmost to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease during the treatment.