Do You Need A Hearing Aid?

As we get older, many of our senses begin to full down. This can be simply a sign of aging or it can be caused by an underlying illness, and identifying when we need to seek help is the main challenge which we all face.


Your hearing is one of the most important sense you have, and many of us couldn’t imagine life without being able to hear our families voices or listen to our favorite music. If you think you might be starting to lose your sense of sound, you need to start having a think about exactly what your symptoms are and how you can solve it.


A lot of the time you will be able to solve a hearing problem with cleaning your ears or having a hearing aid such as To find out whether or not you need a hearing aid, take a read…



The signs of hearing loss

There are many different ways you can tell that you are losing your sense of sound, here are some of the most common symptoms which you may differ from:


  • thinking that everyone is mumbling
  • Asking people to repeat a simple sentence
  • Misunderstanding what people have said and having to ask them again
  • Struggling to hear what has been said in movies or on the tv
  • Becoming irritated and frustrated
  • Straining to hear a conversation or the tv
  • Trouble hearing voices over the phone
  • Avoiding social gatherings to avoid having to have conversations with people


Why can’t you understand people?

One of the common signs of losing your hearing actually isn’t not being able to hear at all, it is an issue of misunderstanding what you hear when people talk to you. This can be incredibly frustrating for both you and the person who is talking to you because they keep having to repeat themselves and you can’t understand what they are saying.


The cause of this is actually an issue with being able to hear sounds in a particular range of vibration. Most of the time this will consist of not being able to properly hear sounds which are in the high pitched sound, but still hearing everything else normally. The sounds that you may struggle with the most are ‘f, st, th, s’. The are all high pitched and more likely to be missed when you are speaking to someone. Because these are sounds which tend to define words, it can be difficult to understand what has been said if the sound is unheard.


You will likely be able to hear low pitched vowels such as ‘o, ah, I, u’ because these are usually spoken in a higher volume, however they do not define the word and this can cause confusion.



What should you do?

If you have any of the symptoms above, you will need to book in a hearing test with your doctor or at a local pharmacy which offers the service. You can find ear tests here: Once you have done this you may be recommended medication for infection, wax or given a hearing aid.


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