What To Do When You Need To Move Urgently


The normal way of moving home is to take your time and plan things out, search for the right city or town. It could be because you’re moving for a new job so you don’t have a choice. In that case you can still look around in all the different neighborhoods to find the right community that you want. Some people prefer residential places and others would rather move to somewhere where they are remote. The classic questions of suburban, urban or rural always come up and stare at you in the face. There are so many conditions and things that you require, it could take you up to a year or more to find the perfect home that you want. But what if you’re in a hurry? As mentioned before, you might be moving for a brand new job that pays more but you need to be there quickly. Corporate might be needing someone very urgently and thus you have to pick up all your things and just go. But what about this business of selling your home what can you do about that to speed things up?



Never minse your words

When talking to the real estate agent, you need to make it abundantly clear from the very beginning that you mean what you say when it’s urgent. It depends on what kind of real estate agent you’re using but most want to take their time because if they can get more money for your house then they also make more profit. Some agents might brush off your words or just do the generic nodding to make it seem they understand. Make it very clear, look them in the eyes and speak very slowly and firmly. You need to move urgently and your case should be given absolute priority. Be frank with them and threaten to take your business elsewhere if they are not going to focus their entire efforts on selling your home. They will then increase their marketing for your home, speak to their many clients and use their network to advertise your home far and wide.



Taking the short route

What if you don’t want to use a real estate agent that even if is taking you very seriously, could take a few weeks or more? Then perhaps taking the short route is the best way you can just get the moving process up and running. Look for a company that buys houses in the exact state that they are. This could be very beneficial to you since you might have some things wrong or rather damaged with the property. It could be that you have water pipe leakage, there is damage to the tiling on the roof, or that the garden is decaying. They buy houses in whatever kind of shape they are which is superb for someone who needs to quickly move their whole life somewhere else but not give away their home for scott free.


Need to move homes urgently? There are several options at your disposal but the two most effective are just to demand that your home be given priority by the estate agent you’re using. This might mean they charge you more but it also speeds up the process.