Make New Traditions This Christmas With The Family


For a lot of adults, the magic of Christmas has worn off. The excitement tends to disappear, and it just becomes another day that costs money. But that all changes again when you have children, because you live the magic through their eyes. You see how excited they are; filled with the purest joy and happiness, that it’s hard not to feel the same way.


Why not do things a little different this year though? There are plenty of others ways to celebrate Christmas other than having the family around for the turkey dinner.



Recreate the menu

Turkey, ham, sprouts, peas, carrots, broccoli, parsnips, potato, gravy, etc. That’s the usual kind of meal we all have at Christmas, and while it’s delicious, why not change it up a little? – Or a lot. There are no set rules about what you’re allowed to eat at Christmas, so come up with your own brand new menu. Speak to the other family members and throw out different ideas about their favorite kind of food to eat. Then go crazy and break out of the box with some deliciously daring ideas.


Go cultural   

There are so many different cultures that reside in the world, and a lot of them celebrate Christmas in a completely different way than how we do, so why not do it their way this year? Sit down as a family and decide on a country. Then do your research and decorate your home in the style that you have chosen and follow their Christmas traditions, including the food and entertainment. Or better yet, why not go on vacation and do it properly? If you’re worried about being able to afford it, will lend you everything you need, and then you can be off abroad somewhere with the locals and make an everlasting memory of your exotic Christmas.


Gift yourself up

We spend so much money on gifts for one another, trying to choose the perfect thing, and sometimes you nail it, but other times the present ends up sitting in its box, closed in the wardrobe, never to be seen again. Children are different, you know as a parent what they want (even if they only end up playing with it for a week), but between the adults, there’s just no need. So instead, buy your own gifts. You’ll know exactly what you want, and may have worried because it was too much money – but now it’s Christmas, so self-indulge and please yourself. Just make sure you spread the word around so the other adults know the plan.



Now you have some new ideas, don’t be afraid to break out of the mold and do something different. Your values and thoughts don’t have to change – you’re merely experiencing new traditions, and this will make everything even more exciting. Can you imagine if every year you celebrated Christmas in a different way? Not only would your children love the mystery, but you’ll lose yourself to the magic all over again.


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