Five New Skincare Routines to Implement In the New Year

When we enter a new year, we often look back at our life and choices, with the intention to make improvements in the future. If you feel tired, look older than you would like to, and have been neglecting self-love, this is your opportunity to make a positive change and implement new skincare routines that will improve your mood and looks at the same time. Find out more below.



Steaming Once a Month

One of the things you can change that will make a huge difference to your appearance is steaming. You might not have time to go to see your beauty therapist every month, but you can invest in a small face steamer to keep your skin flexible and clear. Steaming with chamomile tea or other herbal products can reduce inflammation, open and clear the pores, and restore the flexibility of the skin. If you can afford, you could even go to the local spa for a sauna every few weeks.


Changing Your Facial Care Products

If you are not completely satisfied with your current night and day cream’s performance, it might be time for a change. You could go and visit a beauty salon to find out as much as possible about the weaknesses and good features of your skin, so you can choose the right moisturizer and even foundation. Remember that we are not the same, and one product that works for a certain person might make your skin dry or oily. You can select and buy personal care products online for less than you would pay in the department store.


Morning and Evening Routine Changes

In case you had no time for your 3-step facial care routine last year, it might be time to wake up five minutes early every morning and go to bed five minutes later. You want to give your face the chance to breathe and remove all residue and dust that could clog your pores and decrease collagen production. Simply washing your face with cold water each morning and evening can make a noticeable difference.


Makeup-free Days

We often forget about letting our skin breathe. You should try and have a few days off makeup, so your pores can get the oxygen they need to stay flexible. You should cleanse your skin thoroughly, and avoid every type of makeup. You can even go off creams and moisturizers for a few days, replacing them with natural products, such as black soap.



Improved Hydration

Hydration should be an important part of your daily beauty routine. Drink at least  6 glasses of water every day, and make sure you stay hydrated while exercising. If you notice that your skin is often dry, get a moisturizing face mask and apply it twice a day to restore the natural balance.


We are all guilty of neglecting our skin care routine from time to time. Making small changes, such as steaming your face and changing your moisturizing cream can help you look and feel better.


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