No Love Lost: How To Fall Head Over Heels For Your Home Again

If you’ve recently started to feel very tired with your home, you won’t be alone. We all spend so much time in our houses, that it’s only natural that we’re going to get a little sick of them from time to time. With the addition of social media in our modern lives, it’s also easier to get a little bit of FOMO or jealousy when you see gorgeous homes and interiors online. You’ll often see people decorating and doing up their homes and it makes you wonder why you’re not doing the same. So sometimes, you can look at your pretty perfect home and just hate it! That’s harsh, but it can be so true.


However, this can often because you’re just so used to your interiors. Because when you first renovated, you would have been absolutely in love with the design. But now that you’ve gotten used to your surroundings, it’s so easy to get comfortable. And we all want to spice things up a little more when we’re comfortable, don’t we? So rather than getting frustrated with what you’re looking at or just feeling like your home isn’t what you need it to be, you’re going to want to work to fall back in love with it again.



Pinpoint The Problem

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure that you stop and pinpoint the problem. Because it’s always clear exactly what you don’t like about your home. If you tend to get the same kinds of feelings, you’re going to want to work out if it’s a design problem, space issue, or perhaps it’s the style of house. There can be a lot of different factors that affect how you feel about your home, but by objectively thinking things over, you can work out what the issue is to then work to correct it.


Be Realistic

This can often be a bitter pill to swallow, but if you are able to be practical with your decisions here, you’ll have a much better chance at putting things right. So if space is the issue, don’t think about extending if you know there’s no room. At the same time, if you’re dreamy over high ceilings and you don’t have them, you’re setting yourself up for failure. So it’s always best to be realistic with what you can actually do.


Set Yourself A Budget

Now that you know what the problem is, and you’re sure that you can put it right – or you know what you kind of need to do to put things right, then you should then choose a budget that you can work with. This is often going to determine which of the following points you can work through.


Consider Your Extension Options

Whether your issue is with space or the design, you may find that extending your home can really help. When you have more room to work with, or you can increase the size of key rooms like your kitchen, you’ll often find it easier to create a space that you love. So speak to an architect and see if this is something you can achieve, and look into the cost of a contractor too.


Convert A Room Or Two

If you don’t have room to extend, but space really is the issue, then consider converting the unused spaces that you have. If you’re currently using your attic, basement, or garage space for storage, then you could really turn things around by making this into a living space. Sometimes the key to getting the most out of your home is really looking to make use of every inch.


Completely Redo The Layout

But sometimes, you really have to make a drastic change. And one of the best and biggest things you can do here is to alter your floor plan. If you’re extending and/or converting, you’ll find that redoing the internal layout (particularly downstairs) is going to dramatically change your property. So whatever the issue is now, will be a thing of the past as you’re essentially creating a whole new home.


Take It One Room At A Time

If your issue is with the interiors styles themselves, then you’re going to want to go ahead and redo them – but don’t jump the gun. Make sure that you start with one room at a time, and then move through the house. Start with the room that needs the most work (or the most money), especially if it’s the one you really want to change. That way, you can chip away at your budget by making sure that the most important renovations get done first.


Make Small Changes

From here, you may realize that actually the basics are good. When your paint or wallpaper, flooring, and fixtures are great, then it might just be that you need to make some small design changes to really bring things alive. So don’t always rush in to completely redoing everything, because you may find that you’re able to make a huge change in the smallest of ways.


Evaluate The Practicalities

Maybe the issue you have with your home has nothing to do with how it looks, but how it’s functioning. Sometimes, we’re just not too great with organization and storage. When you have bits and pieces laying around or just without a home, then you may find that you’re not happy with how your home looks. But if you can find yourself some good storage and a better organizational system, your home could feel brand new again.

Focus On The Outside

Next, you’re also going to want to make sure that you’ve really got your landscaping sorted. It’s so easy to think that it’s only your interiors that matter. When actually, if you were to finish off the outside, it can make your design feel so much more complete.


Look Into Something New

But, if you’re not convinced that any of this is going to make a difference, you’ve already done it, or you’re just not happy where you are, a new house may be what you need. Whether you look for a modern cluster house, or something incredibly different to what you have now, it’s time to do some research. Because a new house may be just what you need to feel happy in your home.


Flip A Fixer Upper

Along the same lines if the idea of getting a new house that’s essentially a really old one. Because when you get yourself a fixer-upper, you can completely flip it so that it’s to your taste. This is a great idea if you can find the right style or size of home you want, because then you can add in your personal touch.


Purchase A Plot Of Land

Finally, you may also want to build your own thing. When you’ve climbed the property ladder and you’ve created a beautiful house, but you’re ready for your forever home, then purchasing land and building your dream property could be exactly what you need to do.


So now that you’ve seen all of these different options, it’s safe to say that you’re going to be busy for the next few weeks or so. Even though you may not find that all of the options will apply to your interiors or your lifestyle, some of them will. And when you can take proactive steps, whether that’s to shake up your interiors, complete renovate, or move, you will find that you can fall head over heels in love with your home again.


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