Dealing With Noisy Neighbors Without Escalating Things

Dealing with a noisy neighbor is always tricky. They’re keeping you up all night so obviously, you’ve got to do something about it but tread carefully. If you anger them you risk making the situation worse and starting an all out war with the neighbor from hell. You don’t want to sink to their level and get yourself involved in petty arguments. So, how do you deal with a noisy neighbor?



Learn To Live With It

In some cases, you need to learn to live with the noise because you might be overreacting. If your neighbor is playing drums at 3 in the morning then you’ve got a reason to complain, but if they’re just listening to a bit of music during the day, maybe you’re the one with the problem. You’re always going to hear some noise from the neighbors especially if you live in an apartment building. If you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood you need to remember that your neighbors lived there first so you can’t just come in and start making demands.


There are also other situations that can be difficult, even if your neighbors are only making a small amount of noise. For example, if you work night shifts and sleep in the day, you can’t expect your neighbors to creep around the house like a mouse all day. The bottom line is, you’re going to have to learn to deal with normal noise levels without turning it into a big deal. If it’s a big problem, get yourself some earplugs to block out the noise. Here is some great earplug advice to help you choose the right ones. There’s a lot more to it than you might think.


Bang On The Walls

This sounds like an incredibly petty thing to do. I’m not saying you should spend all night banging on the wall to keep your neighbor up as revenge. That’s just going to make things worse. However, your neighbor might not realize that the sound is traveling through the walls as much as it is. A couple of knocks on the wall lets them know that you can hear them and 9 times out of 10, they’ll stop making noise. The next time you see them, they’re likely to apologize and the whole thing will be done with.


Work On A Compromise

If you like to do things that are loud like playing an instrument, you wouldn’t like it if somebody asked you to stop doing that completely. It’s not fair for you to ask that of your neighbors either. Instead of flat out demanding that they never make noise again, speak with them and work out a compromise. Compare schedules and work out when the best times for both of you to make a bit of extra noise would be. That way you can both get on with your lives without affecting one another.



Call The Police

If you’ve already tried all of those avenues and your neighbor just isn’t cooperating, you’ll have to take drastic measures. It should only be a last resort but if you’re in a neighbors from hell situation, you might have no other option but to call the police. It’s going to make for a pretty awkward situation but it’ll make them stop.


The key to dealing with a noisy neighbor is taking small steps to come to a compromise before doing anything drastic that could escalate the situation.

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