Five Ways To Obliterate Offensive Odors Forever

To make a house a home, it has to smell nice. For the most part, a home is a mixture of fresh baked cookies and the latest air freshener. But, there are times when an offensive odor makes the rounds. Parents will know this as the teenage years, and it’s disgusting! Thankfully, the entire house doesn’t have to suffer. Here are five ways to eliminate strong household smells.



#1: ID The Source

The best way to obliterate a bad smell is to find it first. Once you know what it is, you can remove it from the house. Hopefully, that will be enough to stop the stench from blocking your nasal cavities. One thing is for sure: nothing will overpower the smell. If the toilet gets blocked or there is an animal carcass in the wall, an air freshener will only cover it for a short period. Identifying the problem and then removing it from the house is the only true fix.


#2: Open A Window

What if the smell doesn’t go away completely? If the odor remains, it might be because of leftover residue from the source. In this case, opening a window should allow the fresh air to sweep inside and circulate the room. You may want to open windows throughout the house to ensure there is no place for the smell to hide. If this doesn’t work, it’s because you haven’t identified the cause of the odor. Sadly, there might be another source which is hiding somewhere in your property.



#3: Call A Professional

Some sources may not be removable. Take a faulty sewage pipe as an example. The smell will continue to plague the house until the pipeline gets repaired. It doesn’t matter how many windows you open because it won’t go away. In this case, professional plumbing services are the only available options. Not only do they have the skill, but they also have the tools to fix the issue. Because you have neither, the situation may get worse if you attempt to make the repairs alone.


#4: Spring Clean Everyday

Thankfully, a buildup of bacteria is the main reason for a bad smell. If bacteria don’t get cleaned up straight away, they will seep into the fittings and fixtures. A rug is a prime example, as is your clothes. Everyone knows what body odor smells like and it’s not very nice. The trick is to keep on top of your cleaning duties on a daily basis. By spring cleaning throughout the week, the bacteria won’t build up and cause a stench. Just remember to do your laundry, sweep the floors and clean the shag pile!



#5: Be Proactive

Once the house is clean, don’t let it get dirty again. Not only will the smells return, but it makes cleaning a waste of time and energy. With a plug-in air freshener, the entire house can smell fresh from morning to night and back again. If you prefer to create an atmosphere, scented candles work perfectly.


When the house stinks, you have to act fast to obliterate it forever.


What have you found that kills the odors in your house?

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