Open-Plan Problems: Solved!

Open-plan living has been popular for many years now, but despite this, some people are still reticent about the trend. This is confusing, given that open-plan living is the perfect solution to a lack of space: by removing walls, a property is able to be opened up, and natural light can spread through. The result? The property instantly appears bigger.


If you have found yourself tempted by the open-plan style before and always found yourself holding back from implementing it, then read on. Below, we’ll detail the most common complaints and concerns people have about open-plan living, as well as provide advice on how to counteract the potential problem.



Privacy concerns

It’s fair to say that open-plan living is only really suitable for the ground floor of your home; no family is going to want to share a sleeping space. However, this is actually useful: if your ground floor is open-plan but the second floor isn’t, then there’s still plenty of privacy options. If someone wants to retreat into their own private space, they are able to do this by moving into their designated room on the second floor. As a result, privacy really shouldn’t be an issue.


Cooking smell concerns

An open-plan ground floor tends to mean there is no kitchen door, so people worry that cooking smells, smoke, and steam will permeate through the entire ground floor. There’s no denying that this is a worry that is justified, and can be difficult to deal with. If you’re particularly concerned, then you could always contact companies like Capitol Glass and have glass doors installed in the kitchen. Glass doors help to preserve the open-plan feel, while still allowing you to enclose the space when cooking in the kitchen.


Tidiness concerns

One of the major downsides of open-plan living is that you likely will need to become more tidy to maintain it. With open-plan living, there’s nowhere to hide clutter; you can’t just let items pile up in the dining room and close the door, because there is no door. You’re always going to have visual access to a wide range of your ground floor, which can be troublesome if you’re a messy person.


However, perhaps this issue should be seen as an opportunity rather than a problem. If you have always wanted to find a way to maintain the minimal look, then open-plan living is a great way to — for want of a better term — “keep you honest”. If you have nowhere to escape from clutter, then you’ll have to declutter just to keep your home liveable, so it’s worth thinking about!



In conclusion

While open-plan living does undoubtedly present a number of challenges, it’s also one of the most effective ways of making use of the space that you have available. By knocking down walls, your home could be transformed into a light, bright space that is well worth the small compromises you have to make to maintain it.


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