4 Organic Remedies To Treat Anxiety

Readers of this blog will know that a person’s battle with anxiety is a long and difficult road. Learning to live with it is the first step because, in some ways, it will never leave. Still, this doesn’t mean that sufferers have to grin and bear their way through the pain on a daily basis. There are treatments, and they do work. Of course, drugs and pharmaceuticals only exacerbate the situation thanks to their side-effects. By far and away the best treatments are the natural remedies that are popular today. Organic medicines are not as instant as drugs but they aren’t as harmful to the brain.



Here are four to watch out for in the future.


Chamomile/Green Tea

Water is the most widely renowned liquid on the planet and has no equal. I mean, you do have to drink it to live! After that comes tea and it is a bit of a dark horse. The Brits love it, the Indians too, yet coffee seems like the obvious winner. There are numerous reasons a cup of Joe comes in second, but one of the main ones is health. Chamomile tea, for instance, has compounds which reflect the ones found in valium. As a result, it helps to calm people down. Green tea contains L-theanine which increases focus and calmness.



The idea of a stranger sticking large needles in your back isn’t high on the list of priorities for the day. Let’s face it – no one blames you for it, either. But, as weird as the process is, acupuncture does have a range of health benefits. You can check out Pointsforwellness.com for detailed info; however, the gist is simple. According to research, the body releases endorphins during the procedure which relieve pain. Plus, it increases lymphatic fluids and blood which help fight symptoms related to mental illness.


Valerian Plant

No, not the steel used in Game of Thrones to kill White Walkers. In the real world, Valerian is a plant that has sleep-inducing quality. It works by releasing the sedative compounds into your bloodstream, causing you to feel tired. Obviously, insomnia is a terrible thing when you are anxious because sleep helps to refresh the mind and body. So, by getting a good night’s rest, it should ease the tension. Also, research implies that it is a great remedy for anxiety, too. Just crush up the root and take it straight, or turn it into a paste if you prefer.



Anxiety comes from the fact that you are worried about life. Simply, you need to forget about your circumstances for a while and let loose. Working out is the simplest hack because you can do it from the comfort of a living room with zero equipment. As long as the blood is pumping, the brain is releasing endorphins and your mood should improve. Plus, when you feel healthier, it boosts self-esteem and makes you less anxious. Happy people have fewer things to worry about in general.


Of the options, which one is your favorite?


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