3 Reasons Why Organizing Your Home Can Make Family Life More Harmonious

From Marie Kondo, to various proponents of the minimalist movement, there seems to be a growing trend in favour of taking your home environment seriously, and doing whatever you can to organise it, tailor it to your liking, and to reduce clutter.


Generally, this is sold as a way of enhancing personal well-being, and a sense of control. As a matter of fact, though, there are some good reasons why organizing your home can actually be a great way to make your family life more harmonious, too.



Here are some reasons why that’s the case.



  • Because the “atmosphere” of your home will affect the moods of the people who live within it



If your home is an organized, tidy, and brightly-illuminated wonderland featuring large Mr. Rogers Windows, it’s probably going to be the kind of place where you and everyone else in your household can routinely enjoy a good mood and healthy sense of well-being.


On the other hand, if your home environment is enormously cluttered, untidy, and chaotic – while also being poorly illuminated, and decorated in a style that no member of the family actually enjoys – things can be significantly different.


Ultimately, the “atmosphere” of your home is largely going to be a function of how the place is decorated, how it is organised, structural elements present there, and so on.


That “atmosphere” will then inevitably affect the moods of the people who live within it, just as the different sets and ambient environments of TV shows and films affects the moods of viewers.



  • Because a better-organized home is more structured, and easier to relax in



It’s easy to think that, the less structured and organized an environment is, the easier it is to “relax” there.


While it may be the case that very rigidly structured environments are more stressful and “uptight,” environments that are reasonably well-structured and organized are actually more likely to be the kinds of places where people can really unwind and let go.


That’s partly because a well-organized environment seems like “familiar space” and “known territory.”


On the other hand, a home environment that is absolutely cluttered and chaotic is likely to feel – on a pretty deep psychological level – like a place where nothing is fully manageable, or “handled.”



  • Because everyone’s health might improve as a result of the home being better maintained



Homes aren’t just prettier, and more visually uplifting, when they are well-organized, and well-maintained. They are also likely to be significantly healthier environments for you, too.


When a home is messy, cluttered, and isn’t “controlled” to the right degree, it’s likely to be the kind of place where mould, pathogenic bacteria, dust, and other irritants and health-harmful substances can accumulate.


It’s actually a pretty well-known phenomenon that people can get sick from the indoor environments they spend the most time in. Office workers are infected by pathogens that breed in stagnant water in air conditioning units, from time to time, and people who spend too much of their time in untidy homes are likely to come down with some mysterious symptoms, too.


Suffice to say, if your home environment is literally physically healthier, it’s probably also going to be a place where a greater degree of harmony and happiness will prevail.