Outdoor Safety Tips To Protect Your Children

Kids love playing outdoors, as they have so much to do and see, and lots of places to explore, even if it’s just in their own back garden or neighborhood. 

But as we all know, safety has to be the #1 priority, as for the protection of our children, we do need to be proactive. 

Here are just a few suggestions that we hope you find useful.

#1: Prepare your garden

The garden can be a great place to play, but there are safety issues. Certain plants are hazardous to the touch, for example, and if you’re a gardener, you might sometimes put down weed killer. Holes in the fence can be a problem if your children tend to escape through them. And if the playing area is hard, injuries could happen. So, get your garden kid-ready. Set boundaries where your children can and can’t play. Cut away any plants that could be harmful. Fix any holes in the fence. And purchase rubber mats for your children’s play area, as they will then be less likely to suffer from any bumped heads or knees. 

#2: Organize your garage

If possible, don’t let your children in your garage. With paints, tools, and other dangerous objects, they probably shouldn’t be playing in there anyway. But if you do let them go in, perhaps because there are bikes, toys, and games equipment available for them to take outside, make sure that anything hazardous is locked away. This is why you need custom garage cabinets, as with the right storage solution, your children won’t have to risk injury when getting what they need.

#3: Give your children rules to follow

For your younger children, it might be rules on things they should and shouldn’t touch in the garden. For your older children, it could be rules about how far away from the house they are allowed to play. For all of your children, you should talk about stranger danger, and give them rules about not talking to people they don’t know. And on this last point, you might want to tell your younger children to shout out if they get worried, and you might want to instruct your older kids to take a whistle or their phones with them when they are away from home. 

#4: Be mindful of the sun

Kids love playing in the sun, but as you already know, there are dangers associated with the warmer weather. When playing active games your children might quickly become dehydrated. And when playing out for long periods, they might get burned by the sun too. So, be mindful of these dangers, and make sure that your children have plenty of fluids to drink, and that they are protected by the appropriate factor sunscreen. You might need to protect them with bug spray too, especially if they are in the garden or playing in wooded areas, as your kids won’t be the only little ones out enjoying the heat.

These are just a few ideas, but research more online and keep your children safe.

Take care, and thanks for reading!