Overcoming Your Dentist Fears

The first thing to know about your fear of the dentist is that you are not alone. Most people feel something somewhere between mild anxiety as they sit in the chair to complete, heart-stopping panic. 15% of people put off going to the dentist because their phobia is so server and many of these report that they’d much rather put up with pain and sometimes infections than visit their dentist.


But, avoiding the dentist is a mistake. A toothache can often be a symptom of a much deeper problem which can become more serious. Inflammation of your gums can eventually begin to damage your heart, and infected teeth and gums left untreated could cause septicemia. So, you need to go to keep healthy. Getting over your dentist phobia might seem impossible now, but there are several things you can try to make the experience better. Let’s take a look at them.



Keep Going

If you are at the point of being frightened, but still forcing yourself to go, you probably always coming out thinking that it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as you’d expected. While it wasn’t fun, it was perfectly bearable. So, keep going. Book your next appointment straight away, and even go more frequently than you need to so that your fears don’t have time to build up. Going regularly also means that your teeth will stay in good condition, and you’re less likely to need extensive and scary treatment.


Find the Right Dentist

All dentists are there to help, have been professionally trained and will look after you. But, your fears will be increased if you are uncomfortable. So, it’s important to take a look at Karl Jobst DDS Grove Kk to find someone that makes you feel at ease.


Ask Questions

When you’ve found the right dentist, talk to them. Ask them what they are going to do and why. Tell them that you are nervous, and they’ll go out of their way to explain and make you feel more comfortable.


Take Your Time

If you do need treatment, explain your fears to the dentist and ask if you could spread it out over several visits. Your dentist will want to help you to create a positive experience, so will be happy to go as slowly as possible, cutting the time you are in the chair, and reducing any discomfort after your visit.


Take Headphones

The dentist rarely causes pain. An examination or a scale and polish doesn’t hurt, and you’ll be offered an anesthetic or numbing agent for anything more severe. It’s usually the sounds and smells that put us on edge. Take headphones and listen to your favorite music or an audiobook to cut the noise and take your mind off what’s happening in your mouth. Then close your eyes and relax. Ask your dentist to give you a little tap on the shoulder if they need your attention.


While it’s fair to say that you may never enjoy visiting the dentist, it’s perfectly possible that you can leave your fears behind, allowing you to make regular trips to your dentist.


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