How Not To Overdo It During The Festive Season

There is no hiding from the fact that the festive season is nearly upon us. A time of year where we enjoy heading out for Christmas parties, drinking a little too many cocktails and festive tipples, eating a lot of food, and basically enjoying the good life. But, having said that, it is also important not to forget that you need to take good care of yourself during this time and to not overdo it. That means the exercise and the healthy eating needs to still be maintained to a level, it’s all about balance, right? I wanted to share with you some of the ways you can ensure that you don’t overdo it during this festive season, enabling you to carry onto in 2018 as you already have been doing this year.



Take careful consideration of your mindset at this time of year

This time of year can be both joyous and painful, depending on your current situation. The festive season sparks memories of times gone by, good times enjoying in childhood and it’s also a great time for the present. But if things aren’t going too well for you, perhaps struggling with finances or relationships, then this time can also feel like a tough period to go through. Take some time to consider your mental health and ensure that you are taking good care of yourself. Feel grateful for everything that is going well in your life and be mindful that this time of year present an opportunity to make new memories or enter the new year with some positive changes afoot.


Too many drinks at the office party?

We can all get a little out of hand at times, and office parties or any festive drinks can become too much if we are not careful of how much alcohol we might be consuming. It’s always a good idea to eat before you head out for a night on the town, and to try and switch between alcoholic drinks and water while you are out and about. Not only is this cost-effective, but the water hydrates your system. Allowing you to wake up much brighter without the dreaded hangover haze.



Your health can deteriorate at this time of year

Our health can deteriorate at any time of year, but during the festive season it’s worth it to take extra care. The weather is cooler, the food you are eating may be more indulgent and you are mixing with people all of the time. If you start to feel unwell, make sure you head to your local urgent care clinic to avoid any illness or bugs getting worse. The Christmas period means that your local doctors tend to close off, so make sure you are aware of out of hours services. This is also essential for children and other family members as well as your own well-being.


Encourage regular exercise and planning will be key

Finally, you may not feel in the mood to exercise but keeping up with your fitness regime will ensure that you can indulge in the wonderful food and drinks on offer at this time of year. No one wants to be entering the new year with a huge lists of resolutions to do with weight and fitness because they undid all the hard work at a few christmas parties.


I hope this has encouraged you to consider your health during the festive season.


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