Get Paid for Finding Help Wanted Signs with Job Spotter

With three children always wanting needing things (according to them at least), money is something that there just never seems to be enough of in our house.  Due to this, I’m always on the lookout for ways to bring in extra money.  When I learned about Job Spotter by Indeed, an app that pays you to take photos of Now Hiring / Help Wanted signs, I needed to learn more!



How Does it Work?

The process of using the app is really simple.  After installing the app on your phone from the market (it’s on both Android and Apple!), you create an account.  When you see a sign stating that employment opportunities exist, open the app.  The first screen will have you take a close-up picture of the Now Hiring sign.  Then, you’ll take a picture of the front of the building, which should include the store name but not people.  Submit your photos and wait for your approval!  It’s that easy!


How Do You Get Paid?

For each accepted submission that you turn in, you’ll money.  This money can be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards in the wallet section of the app.  The cards are sent over in a very timely fashion.  Every time I’ve cashed in, they have been available within 24 hours.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

This is where it gets a little tricky.  It varies.  I’ve been paid $1.00 for some jobs and $0.15 for others.  Apparently, the more that a particular job gets submitted, the less that you get paid for submitting it. The official statement in the terms and condition states:

“According to our algorithm, submissions of help wanted signs from small businesses that appear to truly indicate an opportunity to get hired at that location are worth the most,” it states. “These are the signs that are most useful to people looking for jobs.”


Is It Worth It?

If you’re out and about and you see a Help Wanted sign, it’s totally worth pausing for a moment to snap a couple of pictures.  For that aspect, I would say this app is totally worth it!  John from agreed “This is a great idea! It doesn’t exactly take much time, makes money and helps others.”  I wouldn’t recommend it as a source of steady income and I definitely wouldn’t drive around looking for signs to snap pictures of for it.  But, if you stop by Target and they’ve got their Hiring sign on the door, why not make a few cents off of it?


Have You Tried Job Spotter Before?

What’s your favorite app for making a little extra spending money?


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