14 Day Parent Challenge

My desire is to be the best mother that I can be.  Some days, I feel as though I’m doing a decent job – while others I feel as though I am totally unqualified and failing miserably.  I often find myself looking up ways to become a better parent.  Different challenges and video lessons are always providing alternative methods and strategies on how to handle situations with the kids.  I admit, I’ve tried pretty much all of them, some with little to no difference and some with extreme changes.  Each thing I do brings a little better understanding to the kind of parent that I want to be.

I admit, I’m not sure where I found this challenge.  It was an image online that I had saved to my computer long ago.  If you know how created it, please let me know and I will be thrilled to credit them!  I have used it multiple times over the years, and started it again today.  This is one of my favorite challenges because it is full of simple things that anyone can do.  It doesn’t require for huge changes to be made, but allows for bonding opportunities to take place.  In two short weeks, with just a little bit of time each day, you can create some wonderful lasting memories with your children by following this Parent’s Challenge!



Day 1: Go the entire day without raising your voice.

Day 2: Invite your children to cook with you.  Sharing the meal prep is a great bonding opportunity as long as you keep it fun.

Day 3: For book time, read a joke book together.  Laughing together is an easy way to feel closer.

Day 4: While your child is talking today, put aside what you are doing and give them your full attention.

Day 5: Leave love notes for them to find.

Day 6: Take your child/ren for a walk and talk about how much you love them.  Share affection outdoors.

Day 7: Put on some music and have a dance party.

Day 8: Look through photos and special keepsakes.  Let your child know that their activities matter to you.

Day 9: Hug.  Hug.  Hug.  Hug.  Hug.

Day 10: Everyone off of electronics!  Play board games, do crafts, go to a park, do face-to-face things.

Day 11: Make one-on-one time special for each child today.  As we know, chores will wait.

Day 12: GO in your child’s room and talk/play in their personal space.  Notice how they have personalized their room or area.

Day 13: Switch roles for an hour.  Have your child be the parent.  This can be an eye-opening experience.

Day 14: Accept all of your child’s emotions as “theirs” without the need to correct them.


Some days of this challenge are easy, while others require a little more work.  But, I know that if you take the time to complete the challenge, it will help you to grow closer to your children.


Won’t you join me in the Parent’s Challenge?

Which day will be the hardest for you?  (Day 1 is where I struggle the most!)


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