How Are You Paying for Christmas?

With Christmas right around the corner, money is something that is on my mind quite frequently.  I’m looking at different ways to cut costs and increase income in every way that I can. Because, let’s face it, Christmas is a very expensive time of the year. Winning Rainbow slots can only cover a percentage of the costs. So what am I doing about it this year?  I’ll tell you!



Cutting Costs

Bills are something that we have to pay no matter what.  They are, unfortunately, a part of adult life.  But that doesn’t mean that we should just continue to pay whatever we are paying and never question them.  It’s good to evaluate where you’re at, and see what you can do to bring them down.



Every could years, I call around to the different insurance companies and see what kind of rates they can provide for me.  Most years, I wind up staying right where I am – but they usually throw in some kind of loyalty discount when I say I’ve contacted other companies.


Cell Phone

Most cell companies run specials to attempt to bring in new customers.  Did you know that if you call and threaten to cancel your service with them because you can’t get the same deal that a new person off the street gets, they will usually give you the deal?  Sometimes it takes a call or two, but never accept that they can’t provide any discounts, because they can.



We’ve cut the cord with cable completely.  We really aren’t big television watchers to begin with, so paying a high monthly bill to have tv never seemed to make sense.  With some rabbit ears and a streaming service, we can watch all the tv we want without the high monthly bill.  (And as an added bonus, with Netflix there is no commercials!)


Increasing Income

Not only am I looking for was to cut down what we are spending, I’m also attempting to increase what I’m bringing in.



Ebay has helped me on so many different levels.  It’s given me motivation to clean up and clear out my house, as I am selling the things that I no longer want or need.  By selling those items, I’m bringing in extra money.  It’s a win, win!



By writing this blog, I’m bringing in a slow and steady stream of income.  Now, it isn’t an overnight success.  I wasn’t bringing in gold bars to sell on the first day here but what started as a fun hobby has become a source of income for our family.  Make sure that you’re publishing good content often, and focusing on your SEO.  You can click here if you need help learning what SEO is and how it can benefit your own blog.  This option isn’t overnight income, but with perseverance and determination, it can definitely help provide those Christmas presents you dream of giving to others.


Rewards Apps

There are tons of applications that you can install on your phone that will help you earn money.  Receipt Hog will pay you for taking pictures of your receipts.  Ibotta will pay you for shopping.  With Swagbucks,  you could get paid for lots of different things – such as watching videos or playing games online, taking surveys, participating in polls, shopping and so much more.  There are tons of options out there for earning cash for the things that you’re going to do anyway!


By cutting our costs and increasing my income, I’m coming a long way towards providing those Christmas presents this year.  Having a plan of where the money will come from definitely helps relieve some of the stress of the holiday season.


What are your kids asking to get for Christmas this year?