Achieving The Perfect Front Of House Festive Look

You know what I’m talking about, it’s that magical look like the one they achieved in the Home Alone films with the lights and wreaths, and if you are really lucky even a little snow. In fact, there are folks all across the US that spend a lot of time making the front of their home look as festive as possible, and if you want to join them check out our easy to do guide below.



Start with a good base

Before you start stringing lights and holly all over the place, you need to make sure that the front of your home is looking its best. To do this, you need to make an honest appraisal of how it’s looking compared to the rest of the folks on your street.


That means checking that the windows are clean and that frames are in good repair. It’s also a good idea to cut back any plants that are dominating the front of the house.


Don’t forget either that front door is pretty much the focal point of any festive outdoor decorating, so if yours is looking a little shabby consider replacing it with something like the one’s EcoTech Entry Doors have on offer before you hang your wreath. Something that you can find out how to make yourself here. The best thing about replacing your door is that although come January you will have to take your decorations down, you still get to enjoy your new door that is adding value and curb to your home, all year round.


Basic Christmas lights

Once you have a good base for your decorations achieved you can move on the lights. The lights are essential to achieving that festive look, so much so that some families choose to decorate solely with lights and use no other items.


To get your lights right, you need to decide whether to go for white or multicolored. White lights are a slightly more elegant option, and you can choose between warm and cold depending on the look you want to go for.


Multicoloured lights, however, are a little more festive and magical and look equally as good strewn across a pine tree in the garden or used to edge the windows and the top of the roof.


Although if you want to go all out, you can get light strips now, that are easy to put up and can also be programmed to flash in certain patterns or even in time to Christmas music for a truly festive feel.




Now, Christmas inflatables are undoubtedly festive and dramatic, although not everyone will want them on their property. However, if you do want to go for something like this you won’t be disappointed with the choices available.


You can get Santas and snowmen pretty easily, and even more elaborate designs like full sleights and Christmas workshops if you do your research. Just remember that you will need to include the purchase and running cost of a fan if you want these to be a part of your outdoor Christmas display this year.

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