Phone Numbers Every Parent Needs To Always Have At Hand

Life as a busy parent means that you’re always on the go. You’re busy running from one playdate to another, always struggling to stick to a timetable, and ensure your kids are as happy and as healthy as they can possibly be.


In the midst of all the things that you have to juggle, it’s inevitable that something has to give — you can’t juggle everything all the time! Arguably the most likely area to suffer from this issue is organization; you’re so busy planning for the right now, you just don’t have time to think about the future or unexpected occurrences.


Coping with unexpected problems is all the more difficult when you have children and a busy, complicated life. That’s why saving yourself time by noting down a list of emergency phone numbers can save you so much hassle. If a problem does arise, you’ve already got the solution to hand, so you can just act rather than scrabbling around to contact the right person.




So, when you have chance, make a note of all of the following phone numbers.


#1 – Emergency Childcare

If you’re not able to take care of your children for some reason, then who can you turn to?

It makes sense to add friends and family to this list, but you also need a backup option, ideally one that is professional. This could be a babysitter found on or even a service that lends a nanny on short-term bases. While it’s more than likely one of your friends or family would be able to help, it’s wise to think through all the possibilities and have a solution for no one being available.


#2 – Your Children’s School/Playgroup

Essentially, you want quick, easy access via phone to anywhere that your child spends time without you present. Not only should this include their school or playgroup, but it’s also a good idea to include a comprehensive list of all of their close friends’ and their parents.


#3 – Reliable Tradespeople

You may be aiming to be a domestic goddess, but on occasion, something will go wrong with your home. The last thing that you want is to have to rush to find a suitable tradesperson while juggling your kids’ needs; it’s too much pressure, so source reliable tradespeople so you can leap into action the moment there’s a problem.


Who should you have numbers for? Here’s a brief list:

  • A reliable plumber such as is essential; burst pipes and problems with hot water are issues that no parent wants to have to put up with for long.
  • An electrician in case of power cuts, surges, or anything else that can go wrong with the electrical components of your home.
  • A general handyperson, who can help you with any home repair tasks you might find yourself in immediate need of.

These are the three essentials — feel free to add more as you see fit.



Compile all of these numbers into a digital file that you can access anywhere, preferably uploaded to the cloud. There’s also no harm in having a hard copy of all this information, too. Then, in the event of an unexpected problem, you’re already halfway to a solution.


What numbers do you have on speed-dial?

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